Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Graphic Novels, YA, and Nonfiction

By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

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Picture Books

Rumble and Roar: Sound around the World by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Khoa Le

The roar of a waterfall, the chirp of insects, the thump of a heartbeat—sound is all around us! Rhyming text and atmospheric illustrations present four children in different parts of the world who encounter all sorts of sounds.

Spread from Rumble and Roar in which the children begin to listen.

Praise for Rumble and Roar

“[N]icely complements introductory science units and will also remind readers to slow down, take a minute, and listen.”—Booklist

“A lyrical soundscape that leaves room for observation and makes space for scientific discussion.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This beautifully ­illustrated rhyming text will make a good read-aloud and can be used to spark conversations about sounds in the world.”—School Library Journal

Washed Ashore: Making Art from Ocean Plastic by Kelly Crull

Every day, we use plastic products. And where do these items go when we are done with them? Too many end up in the ocean. Enter artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi, the founder of Washed Ashore. With the help of volunteers, she collects ocean trash and uses it to construct sculptures of ocean wildlife. The sculptures go on display to educate people about the effects of trash in our oceans. Author and photographer Kelly Crull highlights this phenomenal work, featuring fourteen sculptures. Each sculpture is accompanied by information about the animal as well as tips for how to reduce your plastic use.

Spread from Washed Ashore which shows the sculpture of Priscilla the Parrotfish.

Praise for Washed Ashore

★”An excellent work on an unusual topic and a must for school and library shelves.”—starred, Booklist

“A visually and factually compelling call to environmental action that will speak to children.”—School Library Journal

We Belong by Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Carlos Vélez Aguilera

Explore and celebrate who you are and who others are too! Rhyming verse by Laura Purdie Salas invites others to notice the diversity of our world and affirm that we all belong, just as we are. Bright illustrations by Carlos Vélez Aquilera feature a diverse group of children, playing and learning in an urban setting.

Spread from We Belong in which children fly kites.

Praise for We Belong

“An upbeat, empowering celebration of human diversity.”—Kirkus Reviews

New in Paperback

Owl’s Outstanding Donuts by Robin Yardi

After Mattie Waters loses her mother, she goes to live with her aunt, the owner of a roadside donut shop in Big Sur, California. When an owl taps on Mattie’s window one night, Mattie looks out to see suspicious activity taking place nearby. With help from her friends—and from Alfred, a stuffy but good-hearted owl—she’ll set out to find the culprits, facing fears that have followed her since her mother passed away.

Praise for Owl’s Outstanding Donuts

“An exciting conclusion will satisfy young mystery fans. . . . Yardi’s love for nature shines through in this quiet but quirky story about friendship, family, and of course, donuts.”—Booklist

“Doughn’t miss this earnest tale.”—Kirkus Reviews

“[H]as gentle humor, some action at the climax, and a touching examination of Mattie’s grief.”—School Library Journal

Young Adult

The Deep Blue Between by Ayesha Harruna Attah

In 1890s West Africa, sisters Hassana and Husseina are torn apart when their town is raided by enslavers. After their separation, each girl finds freedom and new opportunities. Hassana ends up in the city of Accra, where she becomes active in politics and social causes. Husseina, renamed Vitoria, travels to Salvador, Brazil, where she works with a priestess of the Umbanda faith, worshipping spirits that bridge the motherland and the new world. But despite their very different lives and choices, the sisters remain linked by their dreams, and slowly they are drawn back together.

Praise for The Deep Blue Between

★”This sweeping story is rich in detail, and the settings are vividly evoked. . . . A successful exploration of rich cultural experiences and enduring familial connections.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews

“[O]ffers a compelling view of West African history as a backdrop for a story of sibling bonding and coming of age. . . . Themes such as enslavement, religion, diversity, feminism, British colonization, and treatment of the mentally ill are candidly addressed and seamlessly woven into the complex, captivating story.”—The Horn Book Magazine

Educator Resources

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Graphic Novels

The Land of the Trolls (Felix and Calcite # 1) by Artur Laperla

In this brand new series, Felix has just found a tunnel to a land full of trolls—and a troll named Calcite is happy to show him around! The tour ends early when a band of gnomes captures the new friends. That means tiny arrows from tiny bows. The little archers think trolls eat gnomes, but that’s silly—trolls eat rocks! Can Felix and Calcite fix this big misunderstanding?

Spread from The Land of the Trolls in which gnomes surround Felix and Calcite.

Praise for The Land of the Trolls

“[A] fun, fast read . . . The cartoonish style; eye-catching, bright color scheme; and inclusion of a maze and an eye-spy game (plus a promise that Felix will indeed return to visit his friend) will likely entice readers.”—School Library Journal


Hidden Animal Colors by Jane Park

Why should the bright and flashy animals get all of the attention? If you look closely at some seemingly ordinary animals, you may find a colorful surprise. A lizard is brown. A hippo is gray. But wait! The lizard has a blue tongue to scare predators, and the hippo has pink “sweat” that protects it from the sun! Brilliant photos accompany author Jane Park’s rhyming nonfiction text in this playful exploration of animals’ hidden colors.

Spread from Hidden Animal Colors in which the blue-tongued skink sticks out his vibrant tongue.

Praise for Hidden Animal Colors

“Encouraging students to look closer and appreciate the ways color functions to help animals survive and thrive, this title would make a wonderful read-aloud for a unit on animal adaptation and innovation.”—School Library Journal

Little Killers: The Ferocious Lives of Puny Predators by Sneed B. Collard III

What do you think of when you hear the word “predator?” Lions, tigers, or bears? What about ladybird beetles? Meet some of the world’s most impressive predators! Small creatures can make a huge impact, changing ecosystems, controlling pests, and even taking down much larger creatures. Tiny predators utilize adaptations including poisons, strong jaws, and social groups to take down their prey. From pteropods to driver ants, discover the amazing lives of these voracious killers.

Spread from Little Killers which describes comb jellies.

Where Have All the Birds Gone?: Nature in Crisis by Rebecca E. Hirsch

Birds are everywhere—on land, on water, in the skies. But bird populations, especially in North America, are declining—drastically. Rebecca E. Hirsch, author of Where Have All the Bees Gone?, looks closely at another crisis in nature. Scientists have discovered immense losses in bird populations across the continent, but what are the consequences? Read about the vast impacts birds have on ecosystems, food systems, and our mental health and what we can do to protect them. Experts are turning to infrastructure changes—windows and lights, habitat protection, and safer farming and feeding practices. Community education is vital for birds’ survival.

Praise for Where Have All the Birds Gone?: Nature in Crisis

★”This pithy book more than fulfills its promise to introduce readers to the importance of birds, the state of avian research, and how they can contribute to birds’ well-being. . . . Well-informed inspiration.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews

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