Meet the Unique Creatures of Artur Laperla

Longtime fans of Artur Laperla’s Super Potato series know that these graphic novels have no shortage of memorable creatures. Book two, Super Potato’s Galactic Breakout, introduced readers to the Rogg, the Pollo, the Morgundian Air Worm, and a spaceship’s worth of other aliens . . .

. . . while book seven, Super Potato and the Greenhouse of Evil, debuted Gladys, a ferocious plant designed for world conquest . . .

. . . and book eight, Super Potato and the Soaring Terror of the Pterosaur, presented pterosaurs both authentic and robotic.

That’s without even touching on Tora Tooga, Neon Tortoise of Wisdom (Super Potato’s Mega Time-Travel Adventure), or the titular threat of Super Potato and the Mutant Animal Mayhem.

This March, folks who love Artur’s offbeat creatures are in for another treat. In the first volume of his new series, Felix and Calcite, Artur is taking readers to The Land of the Trolls.

These new early-reader graphic novels follow Felix, a young boy who discovers that the bottom of his toy chest contains a passageway to a troll-heavy fantasy land. The series puts a hilarious spin on these folklore staples. In Land of the Trolls, Artur reveals their diet (rocks), primary hygiene issue (boogers), and favorite way to unwind (song). Most importantly, he introduces Calcite, a troll who first wanders into Felix’s room by accident, then takes him on an eventful tour of her homeland. School Library Journal called the book a “fun, fast read” with an “eye-catching, bright color scheme,” and it’s a fit for anyone who loves Super Potato or takes their fantasy comics with a healthy serving of humor. The Land of the Trolls arrives March 1.

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