Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Board Books, Graphic Novels, Middle-Grade, and Nonfiction

By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

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Picture Books

Dino-Easter by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Barry Gott

Celebrate with the dinos as they gather flowers for a spring bouquet, throw an egg painting party, pet newborn farm animals, visit a chocolate factory, and join an Easter parade with Peter Clobbertail. At last it’s time for the egg hunt. Will Raptor finally get to eat his treats?

Author Lisa Wheeler and artist Barry Gott—the dynamic duo behind the Dino-Sports series—are back with a sweet treat for young readers with this entertaining addition to the Dino-Holidays series.

Spread from Dino-Easter in which the dinos go to the Easter parade.

Praise for Dino-Easter

“[A] fun, colorful look at dinosaurs enjoying popular Easter activities. Recommended where dinosaur stories are popular.”—School Library Journal

Call Me Miss Hamilton: One Woman’s Case for Equality and Respect by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Jeffery Boston Weatherford

Discover the story of Civil Rights activist Mary Hamilton, a Black woman who took a stand for respect—with a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States—and won.

Spread from Call Me Miss Hamilton in which Mary looks in a mirror.

Praise for Call Me Miss Hamilton

★”Weatherford introduces young readers to this lesser-known changemaker who challenged the court system for due respect…Lending to this powerful story is mixed-media artwork that blends expressive black-and-white scratchboard illustrations with tinted photos from the time period.”—starred, Booklist

“Essential reading for teaching children about the importance of demanding equality and respect.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Carole Boston Weatherford provides unflinching narration…Collages made of photographs and fine-lined sketches on scratchboard by Jeffery Boston Weatherford, combined with boldly graphical book design, give the picture book a cinematic quality, placing due emphasis on Miss Hamilton’s landmark case.”—Publishers Weekly

“Hamilton’s inspiring story has not been the focus of any other book, and for that fact alone it is deserving of shelf space. This evocative and informative story of an unsung heroine is recommended for general purchase.”—School Library Journal

Board Books

The following two books are the first in the Dino Board Books series!

My First Dino-Baseball by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Barry Gott

Simple rhyming text from Lisa Wheeler highlights baseball essentials as dinosaurs play baseball in this charming board book. Bright and appealing illustrations from Barry Gott bring the sports action to life!

Spread from My First Dino-Baseball in which the dinos catch the ball.

Praise for My First Dino-Baseball

“Readers land smack-dab in the middle of an exhilarating baseball game featuring dinosaur characters. . . . A hit for dinosaur fans in the toddler set.”—Kirkus Reviews

My First Dino-Soccer by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Barry Gott

Goal! Youngsters will cheer along as simple rhyming text from Lisa Wheeler describes how dinosaurs play soccer in this high-energy board book. Bright and appealing illustrations from Barry Gott include lots of fun details to enjoy!

Spread from My First Dino-Soccer in which the dinos dribble the ball.

Graphic Novels

Super Potato and the Soaring Terror of the Pterosaur: Book 8 by Artur Laperla

Augusta Richly, the world’s richest girl, has grown bored of her unicorn hamster. Next, she wants a pterosaur—and her father hires villainous super-scientist Malicia the Malignant to make it happen! When Malicia brings the prehistoric creature back to life, it quickly flies away. Now, only Super Potato can drag the giant winged lizard down to earth. Get ready for a pterosaur rodeo!

Spread from Super Potato in which the Pterosaur attacks.

New on Paperback

Girls on the Line by Jennie Liu

Luli and Yun, sixteen-year-old orphans and best friends, work together at a factory in a mid-sized Chinese city. When Yun gets pregnant and disappears, Luli sets out to find her—and help her if she can.

Praise for Girls on the Line

★”Both poignant and agonizing, Girls on the Line is a must read.”—starred, Foreword Reviews

★”[E]xplores a moment of contemporary history and a culture that is underrepresented in YA realistic fiction. . . . Recommended purchase, especially for YA collections serving older teens or new adults.”—starred, School Library Journal

“[A] much-needed look at the people who produce the goods we rely on worldwide and the hardships they face. . . . Readers will learn much from this absorbing and realistic tale.”—Booklist

“An affecting and original thrill ride . . .”—Kirkus Reviews


  • Freeman Book Award Honorable Mention
  • In the Margins: Best Books for Teens


This Last Adventure by Ryan Dalton

When Archie’s beloved grandpa is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Archie tries to slow the progression of his grandpa’s memory loss through shared role-playing fantasies. But he has to face the reality of what he’s losing.

Praise for This Last Adventure

“A special, loving bond spanning generations. This book shares an emotional roller coaster of adventure, heartbreak, and affection.” -YA Book Central

“A sensitive, touching story . . . With a family history of the disease, I can’t wait to hand this book to the younglings in my family.”—#1 New York Times Bestselling author Aprilynne Pike

“As empowering and inspiring as it is heart-wrenching, this book will no doubt comfort kids who are dealing with the emotions and struggles that come with watching an aging loved one go through changes, whether from Alzheimer’s or another condition.”—Christina Collins, author of After Zero

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Book Trailer


Five-Minute Friendship Starters: A Sesame Street ® Guide to Making a Friend by Marie-Therese Miller

Making a new friend is easy with help from Sesame Street! Filled with suggestions for conversation starters, easy games, and ways to demonstrate caring, this delightful book helps young readers learn fun ways to approach, get to know, and have fun with a new friend—in just five minutes!

Spread from Five-Minute Friendship Starters which discusses laughter between friends.

Science and the Skeptic: Discerning Fact from Fiction by Marc Zimmer

Fake news and pseudoscience have unprecedented reach on social media platforms. Chemistry professor Marc Zimmer explains how science is done, why some people want to trick others, and why false information is dangerous. He empowers readers to identify trustworthy sources with 25 easy-to-follow rules.

Praise for Science and the Skeptic

★”[D]oes a thorough and extremely effective job of explaining the difference between scientific fact and fiction. . . . A very helpful guide for a very timely problem.”—starred, Booklist

“Timely, practical, and all too important.”—Kirkus Reviews

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