Making Phonics Fun!

Laugh and learn language arts with Phonics Fun! This new series uses silly, illustrated stories to introduce readers to phonics. Award-winning writer Brian P. Cleary (Words Are CATegorical®) and illustrator Jason Miskimins teamed up for this delightful series. Miskimins’ bright illustrations and Cleary’s electric text bring this series alive.

Cleary is a former adult literary coach and father who knows that reading isn’t always easy. Clearly created these titles knowing that humor is not only a great way to learn, but an effective way to teach.

With rhyming, carefully leveled text, each book guides readers through a different part of phonics. Readers will learn about vowel sounds, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, inflectional endings, diphthongs, and R-controlled vowels. The words that match each titles’ topic—such as short vowel sounds—are bold for easy reader recognition. Here is an example from The Hen in the Den: Short Vowel Sounds:

Pam had some jam on her ham.

The stories gradually become more complex so students can keep learning and growing. One of the more complex sentences in The Hen in the Den is:

Ed is fed on a red bed.”

Each book finishes with a two-page feature called “Make Your Own.” Readers choose from a list of words and their accompanying illustrations that fit the book’s topic and use them to create their own stories. Young readers will love learning about phonics through this playful series.

Phonics Fun

8 Book Series
Grades PreK-2

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