Looking for Literacy Resources for Parents?

Many parents are concerned about setbacks in early literacy during the last two years of interrupted schooling. We’ve partnered with LightSail Education to provide all of our digital content – eBooks, audiobooks, eBooks with audio, and Lerner Interactive Books – through their Reading at Home platform. Read on to find out more about this tool that families can use to improve their child’s reading level in three months or less!

LightSail is an award-winning literacy platform for educational institutions – and now it can be used by families at home.

All of our digital content is available on LightSail’s platform, so engaging books for kids are just a click away!

Their blog includes tips for families to make literacy a bigger part of their everyday lives, and helps parents evaluate reading progress.

If you have parents or patrons looking for at-home literacy support for the kids in their lives, please recommend LightSail’s free 7-day trial.

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