Fall Titles You Might Have Missed

Each season we share highlights from our favorite publishers. We love finding the best books from around the world and bringing them to libraries, bookstores, classrooms, and ultimately to the readers who love them. Here are the highlights from our publishers’ Fall 2021 titles!

Cows Go Boo!

On Farmer George’s farm, the pigs go “oink,” the sheep go “baa,” and cows go . . . wait, where did all the cows go?

These mischievous cows have taken to sneaking up on Farmer George and shouting “BOO!” Luckily, George knows just how to put his impolite herd to good use. This hilarious story is guaranteed to get children giggling!

The Spots and the Dots
The Spots live on one side of the hill. The Dots live on the other. Both are fearful and suspicious of the other, but are they really all that different? When a young Spot and a young Dot meet at the top of the hill, they are about to find out.
Flip the book upside down and choose whether to read from the perspective of the Spots or the Dots, right up until the middle, where the two communities collide. Find the similarities in others, discover that fear is often based on ignorance, and celebrate difference in this stunning picture book with artwork from award-winning illustrator Marion Deuchars.

Vampire Peter
Everyone says Peter is the baddest boy in school. He likes strange food, wears strange clothes and does strange things. In fact, Peter is a vampire. So when the class gerbil goes missing, Lucy lets Peter take the blame, even though she knows Peter had nothing to do with it. That’s what happens when you’re the only vampire in the school.

Will You Be My Friend?
Bush Baby is so lonely—nobody wants to be her friend. Giraffe thinks she’s too small. She’s not pink enough for Flamingo. Lion, however, thinks she is just right to be his friend. And he’d never be so rude as to eat a friend, thank you very much. Is Bush Baby very brave, very foolish, or just very, very lonely?
Learn to never judge a book by its cover in award-winning Russell Ayto’s laugh-out-loud tale of friendship and acceptance.

Science Storybooks

Simple presentations of key introductory science principles make this series ideal for emergent readers. Each book includes questions and an activity to encourage learning, engagement and independent thinking. Four new titles this spring include Where’s the Heat Thief?, Flying High with Wind Power, The Plants Find Their Homes, and What Can Tiny Creatures Do?

A Queen to the Rescue

Henrietta Szold took Queen Esther as a model and worked hard to save the Jewish people. In 1912, she founded the Jewish women’s social justice organization, Hadassah. Henrietta started Hadassah determined to offer emergency medical care to mothers and children in Palestine. When WWII broke out, she rescued Jewish children from the Holocaust, and broadened Hadassah’s mission to include education, youth development, and women’s rights. Hadassah offers free help to all who need it and continues its mission to this day.

Why I Was Late for School Again

Danny is always late for school. If he’s not stopped by pirates, then zombies chase him. He escapes from trolls only to be cornered by gruff billy goats. Good thing Danny has a quick imagination. He may be late for school, but he does get there! From one ridiculous adventure to the next, readers cheer on Danny as he faces the most extraordinary situations until all of his newfound friends come to school with him. When zombies meet teachers, you can bet there will be a hilarious ending. The droll humor and witty drawings will keep the most reluctant reader turning pages, eager to see what will happen next.

The Christmas Mitzvah

Al Rosen, a Jewish man, takes on the jobs of his Christian neighbors on Christmas Eve and day so they can spend the holiday with their families, starting a tradition that lasts for decades.

We’re All in the Same Boat

We’re all in the same boat, both literally and metaphorically, in this playful look at how we can work together for the common good. The animals in this boat discover that working together gets them much further and is more fun than trying to go their separate ways. Barney Saltzberg (Enough Is Enough) brings his trademark humor to a group of animals who learn they’ll sink or swim together. Teamwork matters when we’re all in the same boat!

At 32 pages, Full Tilt Fast Reads help striving middle school readers build reading stamina and stay engaged with high-interest, low-level content and dynamic topics.

Families of Fame & Fortune – Full Tilt Fast Reads

This high-interest, low reading level series explores the lives of successful families in entertainment, music, and sports. Each title features real-life stories of families who have worked together to overcome obstacles and reach for the stars. Their stories will inspire readers to explore their own dreams, as well as consider the importance of giving back. Students will learn that superstars are real people who face challenges to achieve success and with determination and a little bit of luck, even the wildest dreams can come true.

Teen Strong – Full Tilt Fast Reads

This high-interest, low-level series featuring teenagers taking the world by storm. Each book tells the life story of one exemplary teenager. Readers will protest climate change with Greta Thunberg, handle wild animals with Robert Irwin, cross the Paralympics finish line with Ntando Mahlangu, and film a movie with Marsai Martin. Through engaging narrative text and exciting photos, readers can explore what makes each subject Teen Strong. Informative infographics and graphs, as well as research-based activities, let readers further explore the fields of these amazing teens.

Magical Creatures

Many legends and stories feature magical creatures. Wouldn’t it be exciting if they could come to life? Magical Creatures is an imaginative series for young readers that describes exciting creatures from folklore and mythology as if they were real! Readers will learn about the myths and legends surrounding each creature, from the mischievous fairy, to the beautiful unicorn, to the dangerous vampire. With fun details, helpful vocabulary, and a quiz, readers will learn and test their knowledge about legendary creatures.

Leilong the Library Bus

A library-loving dinosaur reminds us how it feels to be transported by story in this picture book for young children.
Leilong’s friends are taking him to story time at the library. But it’s difficult for a large, clumsy brontosaurus without a library card to follow all the rules. Especially when enthusiastic Leilong gets caught up in the story and joins in, threatening to flatten the library. Is Leilong too big for the library, or is the library too small?

Seahorses Are Sold Out

Mika’s father works from home and he’s very busy! He can never find time for the promised swimming trip. So Dad allows Mika to choose a pet from the store while he finishes the project—something quiet like a mouse. And so begins a wonderfully turbulent story in which Mika brings home one animal after another… The mouse gets lost so they need a dog to find it. The dog is followed by a seal, the seal a penguin. One pet for Mika leads to another and another. How many animals can come to stay before a harassed father notices?
A relatable, cheerful and wild picture book for families during lockdown, with a single-parent juggling working from home and childcare. Celebrating Mika’s initiative and creativity, this is a fun and absurd story ideal for 5-7 year olds to read independently or together. Featuring a single dad working from home and gender neutral child, Mika, this picture book allows young readers of all ages to identify with diverse characters.

The Tiny Woman’s Coat

A small and cozy book leaving preschoolers snug as a bug, from award-winning author, Joy Cowley. The tiny woman makes a coat of leaves with the help of her animal friends. The trees, geese, porcupine, horse and plants all share something so the tiny woman can snip, snip, snip and stitch, stitch, stitch a coat to keep herself warm. Friendship and sharing are at the heart of this warm and simple rhythmic poem by one of the world’s best children’s writers. A perfectly cozy hardback storybook to read-aloud and share with babies, toddlers and preschoolers who will delight in everything tiny and small, including the fresh and funny illustrations by award-winning illustrator Giselle Clarkson.

Inside the Suitcase

A magical lift-the-flaps adventure—part puzzle, part fairytale—from the bestselling author and illustrator of Inside the Villains. Away behind the hills you’ll find a charming little house. Who’s inside? Knock knock… A boy packing his suitcase. Lift the flaps to see what he takes, and travel with him over oceans and mountains, underwater and into the forest. With every step on this voyage of obstacles the boy faces a decision that will lead to a new adventure and help him get home. Delve deeper into each page and remember to use what’s in the suitcase!

No One Is Angry Today

An illustrated collection of thought-provoking stories about how anger doesn’t always have to be angry, with illustrations from Marc Boutavant.
In ten thoughtful, philosophical, absurd tales by master storyteller Toon Tellegen, the forest animals—from squirrel to scarab beetle—spend their days as friends do, with birthday parties, writing letters, visiting, dancing, or sometimes all alone. Each day brings emotions that are always worth exploring, although not always easy, and each story reveals new layers through the expressive, touching and funny illustrations of Marc Boutavant.
This wry and nuanced illustrated storybook gently shows that anger, in all its shapes and sizes, is a natural, necessary and often misunderstood emotion. Written by one of the greatest Dutch authors for children, this wise and gently written collection is perfect for children wanting to explore and learn more about difficult emotions and feelings, making it an ideal book to read together with family or in the classroom, for readers aged 6-12 years.

Hattie and Olaf

The warm-hearted follow-up story of audacious and captivating six-year-old Hattie, a modern-day Pippi Longstocking. Hattie and best friend Linda navigate the social politics of their first school years in this funny illustrated chapter book for early readers. With all the humor, anarchy and energy of Pippi Longstocking, this is a perfect story of friendship and resilience for young independent readers.

Hattie wants a horse more than anything. Her friend Ellen has three ponies. When Hattie’s father finally comes home with a horse trailer, Hattie is ecstatic. But instead of a horse, out stomps Olaf—a donkey. Now Hattie not only has horse fever, she suddenly catches lying sickness as well.
Inclined to emotional storms and exaggeration—always with the best intentions—Hattie is the very true picture of the rebellious, overenthusiastic six-year-old in all of us.

Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest

A funny and contemporary illustrated fairy tale about a strong heroine who saves the day, perfect for early readers. Brave Dulcinea has known since she was small not to enter the dangerous magic forest where the witch has her castle. But her father hasn’t come home from collecting blueberries for her birthday pancakes. Did the witch cast a spell on him?
Dulcinea must brave the dark forest and sneak into the witch’s castle to steal the spell book and free him. Her father would hardly have named her after the brave Dulcinea if she couldn’t break a witch’s spell to celebrate her birthday with him!

Be the Best at . . .

This dynamic series is specially designed to show you how to both master, and get maximum enjoyment from the sports you love. A combination of easy-to-follow text, step-by-step photographs, and diagrams will make difficult skills easier to master—skills that your sporting heroes use every day. All this, along with clear introductions to the rules and regulations, and tips on the right ways to get fit and stay fit, will help to get you on the road to sporting success!

One Planet

Explore the relationship between living things and the environment, climate change, sustainability, how the Earth was made, and how it is constantly changing. This amazing series of 6 books delves into all aspects of planet Earth. Ecosystems, weather, natural resources, fossils and rocks, water and its cycles, and Earth’s core and crust round out a complete and up-to-date look at our incredible, but delicate planet. Packed with spectacular photographs, easy-to-understand diagrams and awesome experiments you can try yourself, these books help explain science in a hands-on way. We have a responsibility as Earth’s inhabitants to look after the planet—so how can we do our part?

Extreme Habitats

Scale the heights of the most dangerous mountains, explore the remote frozen parts of the polar regions, and dive into the searing heat of the desert and the deepest, darkest, coldest oceans. This series takes you on a complete journey through the most extreme awe-inspiring habitats here on planet Earth. Fact-packed, fascinating reads are designed to appeal to reluctant readers and those who prefer fact to fiction. Easy-to-read text, brilliant photography, and extra notebook fact files with the most up-to-date information highlight extreme habitats.

50 Things to Know about the International Space Station

This book tells young readers everything they want to know about what life is like in space. The focus is on international collaboration. It details how men and women in space celebrate the holidays, watch the latest movies, go to sleep, call home, eat and drink, use the toilet, and so much more.

Each page of this book is heavily illustrated with photos showing the space station and the astronauts in action. Short text and captions engage readers and make this book fun to browse. This is the ultimate up-to-date account of the most exciting ongoing example of space exploration today.

Body Image

Too fat, too thin. Muffin top, flat bum, thunder thighs, spaghetti arms. From an early age, kids learn they are judged for how they look. Both boys and girls are bombarded with messages of what they should look like and are shamed for not measuring up. When kids encounter conflict based on stereotypes of body image, they need the understanding and the tools to deal with the situation and not let it damage their self-esteem. This book provides information, relatable situations and opportunities for kids to explore cultural standards, their own assumptions, and those of others.

Lorimer SideStreets

Edgy high/low fiction for teen reluctant readers. Each SideStreets novel deals with real-world issues and features contemporary teen characters, many from diverse backgrounds. Male and female characters face serious issues today’s teens can relate to, such as unwanted pregnancy, substance abuse, peer pressure, and racism. A free teacher’s resource guide for the series is available online. New titles this season include No Known Address, No One’s Baby, Open Secrets, Spin Out, and The Player.

Lorimer Sports Stories

Realistic, action-packed sports stories for reluctant middle-grade readers. Each book covers a contemporary theme—like bullying, friendship or prejudice—set against the backdrop of a specific sport. The themes will appeal to kids who play sports, such as rivalry, teamwork, competition and gender issues. A free teacher’s resource guide for the series is available online. With multiple sports to choose from, there is a Sports Story for every young sports fan! New titles this season include Head to Head, Last Pick, Lone Runner, Open Ice, Rugby Rookies, and Volleyball Vibe.

The Secret Games of Maximus Todd

Fast-paced, humorous stories for early readers featuring dyslexia-friendly fun artwork and typography. Max might be a bit different, but he deals with issues all kids face: social skills, teasing, stereotyping, bullying, decision making, emotions, and feelings.

Violet’s Tempest

For all those who have suffered stage fright, a gentle story about standing tall and finding your voice.
Violet’s world has changed. Her voice has gone from a giggle to a whisper. So when her teacher casts her in the school play, she is filled with worry. How will she ever stand in front of a crowd and overcome her shyness? With the love and support of her family, Violet must find her inner confidence and turn that whisper into a roar!

My Mindful A to Zen

Haiku poems for the soul
A book of poetry that gently introduces children to mindfulness concepts like Om, Yoga and Zen, as well as goals for mindful living like Gratitude and Positivity. With its delightful cast of inclusive characters, this inspirational poetry collection promotes well-being with every letter.

The Queen on Our Corner

A thought-provoking story that encourages us all to sit up and take notice.
Nobody notices the queen on the corner. Nobody, that is . . . except one young girl. Through her eyes, the woman who dwells in the abandoned plot is a warrior queen, with many battles fought and won. When, one day, danger comes to the street and the queen on the corner sounds the alarm, the little girl must find a way to thank her. Can she bring the community together to turn the queen’s corner into a home?

SuperJoe Does NOT Do Cuddles

Even the mightiest of superheroes sometimes need a cuddle from their mom…
SuperJoe is convinced he doesn’t need cuddles from his mom. He flies around the neighborhood rescuing people from escaped tigers, runaway trains and raging rivers, all while battling his nemesis the Gray Shadow. Naturally, he refuses all cuddles. Until, one night, when he can’t sleep…
“A sweet story about a child’s active imagination, friendship, and independence”—Kirkus Reviews

The Wall and the Wild

When Ana tries to take control by creating a perfect garden, she comes to realize that nature is inherently wild.
In a plot of land at the edge of town, Ana grows only perfectly sized plants and perfect-looking flowers; she throws all the irregular shoots and uneven seeds over the wall into the disorderly Wild. But as her garden gets tidier, neater and more constrained, the Wild begins to grow…

The Christmas Crumb

A truly Christmassy story, which has an important message about how although something may seem small to you, it might mean everything to someone else. A magical story, written in rhyme by prolific author, Lou Treleaven and illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Alex Willmore. A family of giants are enjoying a Christmas feast with an enormous Christmas Yule Log as the centerpiece! However, when the princess drops a crumb, she worries about wasting it but Mom reassures her “it is only a crumb”. But that crumb rolls out of the castle and ends up in Pip and his mom’s sparse cottage—it is a Christmas gift! They dig in but when Pip drops a crumb; that crumb rolls into a mouse hole where it will help them survive the winter. Yet again a crumb breaks off and this time rolls on to feed a whole army of ants, eventually ending up being eaten by a flea.

Raccoon and the Hot Air Balloon

A charming animal adventure story that shows how an act of kindness can be returned when in need. Filled with beautiful illustrations and details that children can search for. One day, Raccoon helps an eagle chick back into their nest and it makes Raccoon wish she could fly. She goes to sleep and flies in her dreams. Suddenly, she is woken by a noise – it is an amazing hot air balloon. It lands and she sees an opportunity for adventure. She climbs in and nibbles away the ropes. Soon she is flying! What an adventure but Raccoon soon realizes that she is not actually sure how she can get down… Luckily, the mother eagle sees her and enlists the help of other birds to drop stones in the basket until the hot air balloon gently drifts down. Raccoon thinks she is finished with adventure – until she sees a speed boat!

Which Nose for Witch?

A fun rhyming book from award-winning author, David Crosby. The story has an important message about being happy with your own image and not giving into peer pressure.

When a young witch comes of age, they get to choose their grown-up witch nose! But for Grizelda it is not an easy choice. She goes to the Conk Boutique with her mom but no nose seems to be as good as the one she already has. Her mom is getting frustrated with her daughter, but finally Griz sees the nose for her… it is the one in her own reflection! Despite her mom’s confusion, Griz points out that even if it is not normal for a witch to keep their own nose, she will be the first!

All I Want Is an Octopus

Persuading your family that you want a pet is never easy, but even more so when it is an octopus! An engaging story with a family situation that many will recognize!

The little boy wants a pet, but he doesn’t want any regular pet like a dog, which barks all day long and wants to go walkies or a feline friend whom sleeps all day. No, the little boy wants something special, something that goes in the water, something that no one else will have! AN OCTOPUS! The boy goes to Dad first and pitches his idea to him, but Dad replies, “a creature like that belongs in the sea”. Unhappy with Dad’s answer, the little boy goes to Mom explaining “my octopus would make you laugh, style your hair and run your bath”. The little boy asks his gran who seems to be all for it, saying, “He’ll roller skate and jump in puddles, play mini golf and give wonderful cuddles”. But Gran gets an ORANGUTAN instead!

Don’t Get Your Tutu in a Twist

A hilariously, ridiculous story with a cast of animals who want to be in the spotlight but things don’t seem be going very well!

Last minute rehearsals for the dance show are not quite going Miss Rilla’s way. There is a sloth that is always sleeping, an elephant that keeps getting his tutu twist and a crocodile who is a little bit too hungry—not the recipe for a shining performance! Then, when the curtains roll up, things just get worse. . . it is a nightmare! However, all is not lost and Mrs. Sleepy Sloth hits the stage with her three-toed tip-tap groove—it looks as though she has been practicing in her dreams!

Super Spy

Meet Zoe Jones (aka Zinnia Jakes), a nine-year old SECRET PASTRY CHEF! Schoolgirl by day and chef by night! Zoe’s class is organizing a super fun sleepover in the school library, while their parents are throwing a spy-themed party in the school hall—and they ordered a fabulous Zinnia Jakes cake for it!
Zoe, along with her magical cat, Coco, and her best friend Addie, have to come up with an exceptional spy-themed cake to impress the parents and somehow deliver the cake without revealing their identities. Everything is going to plan until the parents set up a spy trap to catch the secret pastry chef . . . What will Zinnia Jakes do?
Perfect for 7+ readers who love baking, secret identities and magical cats! Join Zinnia Jakes on her incredible adventure and even try out the spy-themed cake recipe at the back of the book!

Wildfire Rescue

Meet Ebony and Jay, two best friends and Eco Rangers who love nothing more than rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. After a devastating wildfire in the bushland, Ebony and Jay, are doing their best to find injured animals.
As they rescue a little possum with burned paws, they also discover that some people have been camping in the area that was destroyed by the fire. What were they doing there and who are they?
Join the Eco Rangers as they look for clues and try to hunt down the intruders while at the same time nurse the little possum back to health.
Eco Rangers: Wildfire Rescue is an exciting, action-packed adventure for 8+ readers who are interested in mystery and the environment.

Model Mania

Persephone Pinchgut is back to tell YOU more about her exciting life and adventures. Get up-close and personal with twin Perse in her fabulous NEW diary. Portia, Perse’s beloved twin sister, is determined to become the next TOP MODEL. Persephone thinks Portia is delusional and that she should put her energy elsewhere. Perse then has to spend hours on the couch at the Heavenly Models Agency writing in her diary, rolling her eyes and sneezing from the toxic fumes of hairspray, perfume, and makeup.
When Portia is asked to be in an ad on TV with Perse’s favorite actress, Taylor North, Perse feels completely miserable. But is Taylor North as amazing as Perse thought? And what happens when your identical twin can’t model because she falls into a creek and twists her ankle?!
Follow the next hilarious Totally Twins adventure as Perse pens all her deepest secrets about popularity, fitting in, and lots more for you to read about.

The Wall

Tom is a little boy who LOVES to explore. “The world is a beautiful place, Tom thought. When I grow up, I will be a great explorer.”
But one day, he hears the grown-ups talking about the monsters that live in the big wide world. Before long, they build a giant wall to keep the monsters out—forever. Tom is told NOT to go over the wall. “It’s dangerous out there,” his grandmother tells him. What could be so monstrous over the wall and who are these monsters?
Soon, Tom receives a message saying “Hello!” from the other side of the wall. Curious, he climbs over, and what do you think he finds?
Life becomes dreary when you are cut off from the wonders of the world and Tom realizes there is a need for change. A true story of friendship and community, The Wall shows the importance of communities coming together and inclusivity. A perfect book to show the value of opening your heart and mind.

Seal Child

A little girl and a young seal pup are separated from their families after a devastating storm. While the child is searching for a place to call home, she is befriended by the seal pup.
There begins an enchanting friendship, as the child and seal cross the sea, for many days and for many nights. Through harsh weather and through kind weather, they keep each other warm and safe. The daunting task of finding their families again is not quite so scary when they are together.
Beautiful watercolor illustrations capture the drama of the sea and sky, creating a perfect backdrop to the story of hope and resilience.

The Best Mom

There are so many AMAZING moms in the world: the chefs, the singers, the athletes, the costume makers…
“My friends have the BEST moms. I’m hoping I might trade. They’re never late for anything. They know each kind of braid.”
Have you ever felt that your MOM isn’t as good as other moms? This humorous story takes you through all the fabulous moms out there, who all seem to have endless talents. But in the end, every mom does one SPECIAL thing that makes her The Best Mom.
What makes YOUR mom the BEST mom? A unique celebration of ALL moms.

Ruby and Graham

Ruby LOVES HAVING FUN, while Graham LOVES ORGANIZING. In their own unique ways, they make sure that Acorn Wood is a beautiful and lively place.
Ruby was always playing games and Graham was always organizing everything and everyone with the help of a very useful clipboard. But after a while, everyone stops listening to Graham; everyone just wants to have fun with Ruby. Graham makes a decision—he needs to change and decides to party all the time like Ruby. Before long, the chaos and confusion in the wood gets out of hand. Who will step up to set things right?
A celebration of differences and ultimately being yourself.

Let’s Go!

This new board book series features a mode of transportation in each book. It encourages children to explore the great outdoors. It is a fun and engaging read, perfect for toddlers and early learners as they begin the years of discovery. The fun illustrations perfectly complement the early reader text.

Easy Readers

A fun series of simple information books for emergent readers that is perfect for building reading confidence. These easy-to-read books are ideal for young animal lovers who are beginning to read on their own. Each book includes short simple sentences, clear text and lively photos.

QEB Essentials Let’s Read

Bright photos draw young children into these titles. Simple sentences and labeled photos support emergent readers with nonfiction vocabulary as they explore topics including community helpers, foods, the forest, and birds. The books in this series cover topics that children of today can relate to, encouraging an interest in the world around the child and supporting familiarization of specific subjects.

Fierce Creatures

Throughout this series you’re presented with three different animals with a poisonous bite or sting and this question: which creature would you sit and watch, view from afar, or run for your life? The choice is yours, but choose carefully. . . This action-packed, photographic series is packed with fascinating facts about deadly creatures presented as a guessing game. Readers will learn about many different types of scary animal while using their logic to decide which critters are harmless and which are best to avoid!

QEB Essentials Let’s Talk

This series gets young children talking about key elementary topics, including animals, seasons, senses, and vehicles. Activity spreads help students explore vocabulary words and develop literacy skills. The books in this series cover topics that children of today can relate to, encouraging an interest in the world around the child and supporting familiarization of specific subjects.

Dead Max Comix

Middle school can be a survival of “fitting-in,” at best. In Dead Max Comix, Derrick discovers that his secrets aren’t really unusual. This series offers a light-hearted touch at accepting yourself and finding your own “pack.” Book Four, Fur Ball of the Apocalypse, is out this season.

Helper Hounds

An early chapter book series about specially trained emotional support dogs who help the kids who need them most. Meet these uncommon heroes with wet noses and big hearts. These stories are told from the point-of-view of the helper hound so that young readers can easily relate to the story. Each book centers around a different emotional support dog, and how the dog helps kids process emotional experiences and overcome obstacles. The helper hounds are here to assist kids dealing with bullying, grief, making new friends, and facing their fears! New books this season include Brisket Helps Miryam with Online Learning and Louis Helps Ajani Fight Racism.

My First Time (LOOK! Books™)

For young children, the world is full of new experiences. This series takes a true-to-life approach to first-time experiences in a way that is sure to help readers feel empowered. These books allow readers to learn about common events—through the use of clear, easy-to-follow text and helpful, comforting photos.

Everything Together

When Jeremiah arrives in Minneapolis to spend the summer with his Dad, everything feels odd. His dad’s fiancé, Michael, has buried the apartment in piles of DIY wedding decorations. His best friend Sage now spends all her time with a new girl as quirky and bright as Sage ever was. Everywhere he goes, Jeremiah feels like the odd one out. Eager for something to get him away from all this, he starts volunteering in an English class for refugees. As the summer goes on, Jeremiah finds community in new places and with unexpected friends.
Everything Together is about exploring your place in the world and the tangled ways we connect. This is the sequel to Second Dad Summer.

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