Support Literacy for Remote Learners or Homeschoolers in Your Community with LightSail

As we enter a third school year disrupted by the pandemic, you may be looking for more resources to support remote learners or homeschoolers in your community or for parents looking for additional literacy tools to make up for learning loss. We’re proud to partner with LightSail, a leading ed tech provider for the classroom, as they extend their services to families around the country.

Similar to other book-streaming services, LightSail for Homeschoolers puts content at readers’ fingertips. Unlike other services, LightSail’s robust features help parents support struggling or reluctant readers, follow their student’s reading progress, and motivate children to read.

All of Lerner’s digital books–eBooks, audiobooks, Audisee eBooks with Audio, and Lerner Interactive Books–are available on LightSail’s platform.

In addition to the easy-to-use platform, LightSail has put together robust tools to help homeschooling parents, including cloze tests to assess comprehension, specialized collections and unit studies.

We’re especially pleased to work with LightSail because of their commitment to literacy. For each subscription a family purchases, another is donated to a charity of the family’s choice, helping to make access to great books a foundational feature of their platform.

We encourage you to check out LightSail and recommend it to the families you serve!

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