Amazing Inventions: AN INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR Blake Hoena

Who played the the first video game? Where did the first electric guitar play on stage? The Amazing Inventions series will fly off the shelf as readers discover true stories of invention behind coveted pop-culture objects—from sneakers to smartphones. With high-interest graphic novel art, these books profile the products’ creators and innovators, as well as the scientific or technical developments that made the inventions possible. The books also cover social history, revealing how people’s needs in a particular period led to creative solutions.

Today author Blake Hoena shares insight into writing a graphic nonfiction series and his research process. Read on to find out more!

Blake Hoena Talks About the Amazing Invention Series

Cell Phones and Smartphones: A Graphic History

Cell phones allowed people to connect on the go, and smartphones have transformed the way we share information. Discover the landmark shifts in phone technology—and the people—that have shaped modern communication.

The Electric Guitar: A Graphic History

For decades, the blasts and howls of the electric guitar have been some of the defining sounds of popular music. But more than a century of effort and innovation had to happen before this instrument went electric.

Sneakers: A Graphic History

Sneakers grew out of efforts to make more durable, more comfortable shoes—and became a major link between sports and fashion. Their rising popularity led to celebrity endorsements, big-name brands, and ongoing technological breakthroughs.

Video Games: A Graphic History

Video games evolved from simple consoles to cutting-edge home entertainment to some of the world’s most popular apps. Find out more about the technological innovations, major players, and controversies that have made video-game history.

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