12 Great Series for Middle Grade Readers

Middle grade readers love to dive into a series and spend some time with the characters. Read on to find a list of great middle grade fiction series your readers can binge!

Alien Agent

Middle-grade and reluctant older readers will have fun reading the series about Zack, a young, likable boy who considers himself quite ordinary, until he finds out he’s really an Alien Agent planted on Earth to smooth Earth’s introduction to the Galactic Union. Though Zack lacks training, he is resolute in his efforts to protect Earth and its people to the best of his ability. Along the way, he defeats evil-doers, earns the respect of his mentor, Agent Sorn, and makes new friends, including a dinosaur-like Union cadet named Vraj.

Guinea Dog

Rufus has always dreamed of getting a dog, but his dad has a few objections. They whine. They gnaw. They bark. They scratch. They beg. They drool.

When Rufus’s mom suggests a guinea pig for a pet, Rufus thinks she must be kidding. Everybody knows guinea pigs are boring! But Rufus has never met guinea pigs like the ones his mom has in mind.

In this hilariously entertaining series, guinea pigs act like other animals, proving that they might actually be the best kind of pet a kid could have after all!

These early chapter books are a great choice for reluctant readers who love pets.

History’s Kid Heroes

History is brought to life using compelling stories in a visually contemporary way. Each History’s Kid Heroes title brings historical fiction into the graphic novel format using strong characters and exciting storylines.

Manga Math Mysteries

Modern manga artwork engages readers in kid-friendly mysteries. In each book, a group of friends from a martial arts school uses visual clues and mathematics to solve a mystery. The stories illustrate problem-solving thought processes and reinforce math concepts taught in third and fourth grade. Written by a math educator and illustrated by talented manga artists, these mysteries will increase readers’ understanding of how math can be applied in real-world situations.

Music Storybooks

Beautifully illustrated by recognized children’s book artists, the one-of-a-kind Music Storybooks series presents famous operas, ballets, and suites in picture book form. Children can discover the stories of the most famous works of the great composers in a fresh and accessible format.

On the Case with Holmes and Watson

Get ready to jump on the case with Holmes and Watson! This graphic novel series presents the thrilling adventures of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant, John H. Watson. At the end of each book, readers examine the clues that helped Holmes solve each mystery. Sleuths-in-training will love matching wits with this classic character in a popular, dynamic new format.

Pinky Bloom

Fourth grader Pinky is Brooklyn’s greatest kid detective. With the help of her little brother, her friends, and her pet cat, she unravels vexing mysteries—what happened to the missing Kiddush cup and the magical menorah, and what is the secret of the shofar? Pinky and pals get to the bottom of things!


“Raised by pirates. Trained as a spy. Destined for greatness.” This pirate adventure series for middle-grade readers packs a punch with plenty of intrigue. Semi-reformed young pirate Dean Seaborne and his friends seek excitement on the high seas. The Seaborne series is perfect for modern readers who love timeless, swashbuckling stories.

Summer Camp Science Mysteries

Camp Dakota sure is full of mysteries. A group of friends at summer camp use science concepts to solve a mystery in each of these full-color graphic novels. The stories illustrate problem-solving thought processes and integrate third- through fifth-grade science concepts, while sidebar panels supplement dialogue with additional science information. Written by a science educator and illustrated by animators and graphic artists, these engaging mysteries will help readers to recognize how science can be applied in real-world situations.

The Bolds

When a family of hyenas poses as a human family called the Bolds—living in a suburban house, going to work and school, concealing their animal features under strategic clothing—the whole neighborhood is in for an adventure. Whether they’re fooling the local police or helping other animals “pass” as human, hilarity inevitably ensues. Written by world renowned comedian Julian Clary and brought to laugh-out-loud life by illustrator David Roberts, each book involves more zany fun for the Bolds and their friends.

The Clone Chronicles

Twelve-year-old Fisher Bas is a geeky science genius and the son of Nobel prize–winning parents. He spends his days hiding in a science classroom to avoid the daily torment of middle school and the overgrown goons he’s dubbed the Vikings.

One weekend Fisher steals his mother’s experimental growth hormones and successfully creates a replica of himself, Fisher-2.

Now Fisher can spend all day working on his ground-breaking inventions, while his clone faces middle school and the Vikings. His plan seems flawless. At least in the beginning it did.

Follow the rollicking adventures of Fisher and his clone in this fun and accessible middle-grade series!

The Code Busters Club

Meet super sleuths Cody, Quinn, Luke and M.E., members of The Code Busters Club. Together they decipher mind-boggling problems and crack the toughest of codes! These fast-paced stories are perfect for young detectives eager to solve fascinating mysteries.

Every title contains 15 extra riddles for readers to solve, with a handy Key Code index to help those who get stuck!

This four-book Agatha Award-winning series is perfect for middle-grade readers looking for an adventure!

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