Real-Life Recipes from A HOUSE DIVIDED Series

With each volume of A House Divided, a captivating and creative fantasy graphic novel series, Haiko Hörnig and Marius Pawlitza have invited readers to make some creations of their own.

The books follow Henrietta Achilles, a big-hearted orphan who inherits the sizable and magical estate of her uncle, a notorious wizard. While Henrietta finds all sorts of motley creatures camped out inside the house, some of Henrietta’s most memorable encounters involve food and drink, from an early squabble over a hot quiche onward. Fittingly, each volume of the series includes a recipe as well, giving readers the steps to fictional culinary concoctions such as Swain’s Quiche, Moira’s Magical Dragon Blood Punch, and Henrietta’s Farewell Cake. When you collect the entire series you can make a complete meal using these recipes.

Readers have responded, sharing their results with the creators, and Hörnig was gracious enough to share some highlights with the Lerner Blog:

Swain’s Quiche

“This one was sent in recently by a fan named Joschka. While it might not look like much, he said it was absolutely delicious!”

“This is a vegan variant of our quiche recipe, which worked surprisingly well!”

“This next one was made by a reader named Sarah.”

“And this picture was from our first book signing tour. The owner of the comic shop made the quiche herself!”

Moira’s Magical Dragon Blood Punch

“Here’s Moira’s Magical Dragon Blood Punch, sent in by the author of the recipe, Julia Wagner.”

Henrietta’s Farewell Cake

“And here’s Marius with Henrietta’s Farewell Cake! This was also a vegan variant, and I can personally confirm that it was absolutely yummy! Our friend Annelie made it for us to celebrate the finished book.”

Do these look scrumptious? Read the whole series to find all three recipes, and delight your friends with culinary magic. A House Divided book 3, The Winter of Walking Stone, is available for purchase this month!

Connect with the Author and Illustrator

Haiko Hörnig: Twitter, Instagram

Marius Pawlitza: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Praise for A House Divided series

“An entertaining adventure.”—Kirkus Reviews

“[A] delightful romp through a lusciously illustrated fantasy world… definite recommendation where fantasy circulates.” –School Library Journal Online

“[A]n absolute delight.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Incredibly fun.” —CBR

“This story is full of adventure and is perfect for those that enjoy role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons…a joy to read.” —

“Beautifully drawn, great facial expressions, great humor and mystery and fun, all the things you want an adventure fantasy comic to be!”—Kate Beaton, creator of the comic strip Hark! A Vagrant

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