Audisee ebooks with audio continue to delight and educate

As many schools continue to meet virtually in 2021, Lerner Digital products are prepared to encourage learning in multiple formats and multiple locations. The latest additions to our Audisee list cover a wide range of curricular and high-interest topics; combined with the flexibility of digital formats, they’re sure to fit your needs at home, school, and in-between. Let’s take a look!

Our Pull-Ahead Readers brand introduces young readers to basic concepts like weather, science, animals, and the seasons through non-fiction and fiction titles. Clear photography and illustrations pair with simple text to help readers understand the world around them. In the Audisee format, students can hear new vocabulary words in context and follow along to build their confidence in reading and reading aloud.

Athletes Who Made a Difference is a series of graphic novel biographies that document the youth, training, and challenges of famous athletes. At once a great entry point in discussions on racism and civil rights, the graphic novel format also puts events into context and names to faces, for readers to follow along with the rise of these athletes onto the global stage and in history. Powerful stories with relevant messages and recognizable figures.

The Step By Step series teaches young readers how some of their favorite foods, toys, and animals come to be. Understanding the production process of a crayon, for instance, is sure to encourage curious minds to think about the work that goes into everything we use. Simple text and bold photography clear up questions while putting things into perspective and providing a vocabulary for how things are made.

Lastly, we have added quite a few single titles to the Audisee list this year. This includes new installments in long-running series, like Dino-Holidays, Super Potato, and Sandra Markle’s Science Discoveries. We’ve also included quite a few non-fiction titles focused on nature, animals, daily life, and history. For students who are covering these topics for the first time, hearing scientific names and properties read aloud can go a long way in building reading comprehension and confidence. High-impact photography and primary sources solidify core concepts and encourage readers to dig deeper and learn more as independent learners.

School might look a bit different for everyone this year, but it’s never been easier to encourage students to pick up a book in any format. For a complete view of Lerner Digital options, visit us here. And for a FREE 30-day trial of all digital formats, sign up here.

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