5 Kinds of Nonfiction: Blake Hoena

Graphic novels are some of the most popular stories for young readers, and graphic nonfiction is no exception. Today we visit the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction with author Blake Hoena. His most recent graphic novel series, Athletes Who Made a Difference, follows four legendary sports heroes from their early years to pro careers. Through grit, leadership, and resistance these individuals were able to change the world around them. Read on to discover how the graphic novel format is perfect for these athletes’ stories and to learn more about Narrative Nonfiction.

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Titles in this series

Colin Kaepernick: Athletes Who Made a Difference

This graphic biography traces Colin Kaepernick’s road from young sports standout to athlete and activist. As Kaepernick protested violence against African Americans, he lost his career in football but gained a voice heard worldwide.

Jackie Robinson: Athletes Who Made a Difference

In an era of discrimination, Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s race barrier. Facing harassment, he stayed focused on the game, becoming the MLB Rookie of the Year in 1947 and later a baseball legend.

Jesse Owens: Athletes Who Made a Difference

Jesse Owens smashed records throughout his track and field career. In 1936, he made history at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Owens won four gold medals, combating Adolf Hitler’s message of Nazi superiority.

Serena Williams: Athletes Who Made a Difference

Serena Williams has amazed tennis fans with her talent and spoken out against racism and sexism in the tennis world. She has also become a role model for a new generation of tennis players.

Praise for Athletes Who Made a Difference

“[B]alances biography and sports in a way that will interest all readers . . .”—Kirkus Reviews

“This was a really good graphic novel. It took place in a darker time in this country’s history, when discrimination was still very prevalent. Hearing one man take these challenges head on was truly inspiring. No matter how rough things got, they refused to let it stop them from playing a game they loved. As this tale comes to a close, we hear about other people who got to play this game thanks to this person. If you are a fan of Jackie Robinson then this is a graphic novel you will want to check out.” -NETGALLEY REVIEWER Jay Snook, The Good Men Project

Jackie Robinson by Blake Hoena is a professionally-crafted, visually appealing graphic novel that is well organized and delivers a powerful story. Just the kind of book that is welcome in classroom and school libraries. A very well done text.” -NETGALLEY REVIEWER Dr J Reads

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