Teaching Study Skills Webinar + Book Sweepstakes

Register for an educators-only interactive webinar from award-winning time management coach Leslie Josel and be entered to win copies of her new book for your school. How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away is a user-friendly guide to help teens get their tasks done. Simple, straightforward, and with a touch of humor, it’s packed with practical solutions and easily digestible tips to stay on top of homework, develop a sense of time, manage digital distractions, create easy-to-follow routines, and get unstuck. And now, you can join an exclusive educators-only webinar with Leslie and enter to win copies of How to Do It Now for your school!

ADHD/Academic Coach for teens and college students Leslie Josel introduces her latest book, How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away

Whether your students are learning remotely or in-person, their study skills almost certainly need  help. Learning to overcome procrastination is not just a study skill, it’s a life skill. In this exclusive webinar, Leslie will teach librarians and teachers how to support students in developing strategic study and time management skills. From sharing unusual homework games to the best study playlists, Leslie brings a dose of fun – and LOTS of practical tips. 

Attendees at the webinar will be eligible to win 10 hardcover copies and 1 multi-user eBook edition of How to Do it Now Because It’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide to Getting Stuff Done, to get your whole school motivated to Do It Now. Even if you’re unable to attend, register to receive Leslie’s article, “Every Student Should Be Doing Homework in the Bathtub” as well as the first chapter of the book by email and a recording of the webinar.

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