Lerner Digital Can Help You Plan for and Respond to School Closures

School closures are a challenge for everyone involved. Closures due to weather or other problems usually only last for a few days. Districts facing closures due to coronavirus or other epidemics may have to look for ways to help their students continue to learn even during a relatively lengthy time away from their school building.

Current guidance from the CDC includes methods to ensure continuity of education for students. As this situation is evolving rapidly, please check the CDC website periodically for updated interim guidance: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/index.html

Among those methods are implementing e-learning plans, including adding digital and distance learning options as feasible and appropriate. Lerner Digital has resources that could help.


  • Lerner Digital offers thousands of fiction and nonfiction eBooks for students in grades PreK–12. From picture books to YA fiction, informational texts to high-interest nonfiction, our wide variety of fixed-format eBooks support pleasure reading, research activities, and content-area instruction.
  • All Lerner eBooks are available as multi-user editions that allow for unlimited simultaneous access by every student in your school. No usernames or passwords required!
  • Schools that purchase Lerner eBooks own those titles forever.
  • The vast majority of our eBooks are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free, allowing students to download files to their devices for unrestricted offline reading. DRM free eBooks have several advantages:
    • For 1:1 device schools, a collection of eBooks can be downloaded to students’ devices at any time, so if an emergency school closure occurred, students would have eBooks already available.
    • Students who have Internet access from home can log in to the school’s library system, download DRM free eBooks, then close the data connection and read the eBooks offline, thereby minimizing data usage.
    • In addition, DRM free eBooks can be integrated with any Learning Management System (LMS), giving educators the ability to store the text with related resources and include with classroom projects and assignments.
    • To browse collections of DRM-free eBooks from Lerner, click here.

eBooks with Audio and Audiobooks

  • Audisee® eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting to engage developing readers and auditory learners. As the narrator reads the Audisee book, the text is highlighted on screen, providing strong audio/visual support to beginning readers, new language learners, striving readers, and more.
  • If students need just a listening experience, Lerner Digital™ Audiobooks are also available.
  • Like our eBooks, our Audisee and Audiobook titles are multi-user and require no separate user names or passwords. Purchase these products once and own them forever.
  • Students in grades K-12 can draw upon a wide variety of Audisee and Audiobook titles—from curriculum-oriented nonfiction to picture books and award-winning fiction.
  • Audisee and Audiobook titles cannot be downloaded on devices for later use, but students at home simply connect via Internet to their school library’s system to access a book.
  • More information, including minimum system requirements, can be found here.

To support schools wanting to build their collections of digital books, Lerner offers a special when purchasing direct or through a Lerner sales rep. Until June 30, 2020, schools that order $500 or more on any multi-user eBooks or Audisee eBooks with Audio can receive the matching print editions for free. See our flyer for more details. Make your money go further and give your students 24/7 access to great books.

Should you have additional questions, please contact our Sales Manager Brad Richason: brichason@lernerbooks.com or 800-328-4929, ext. 364.

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