Try Augmented Reality with Lerner AR and Space in Action

by Kris Tomes, Digital Product Manager

We’re kicking off the New Year (and new decade) with some really snazzy tech! Officially announcing our brand new augmented reality app Lerner AR and companion print book series Space in Action!

We are so excited to share the wonders of our universe with you and your students in an exciting new way. See a rocket launch off your book, watch a black hole eat a star, check out the gear astronauts use on the International Space Staton, and stand on Mars like you’re actually there!

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital imagery on top of your view of the real world. It augments what you normally see. In our case, it means holding a tablet or smart phone over a book, and seeing interactive and animated 3D models of space hover over your book. (No headsets, no goggles.) Think of it like a digital pop-up book!

Take a look for yourself with this video!


How does it work?

  1. Download the free Lerner AR app from Apple or Google.
  2. As you read the print companion books, look for the Lerner AR icon throughout. This icon means there is an augmented reality experience on that page!
  3. Use the Lerner AR app to scan the picture near the icon.
  4. Watch space come alive with augmented reality!

Why augmented reality?

Augmented reality provides a unique opportunity to clarify concepts with 3D imagery, animation, and interactivity, improving students’ understanding of the text. For example, explaining how binary black holes create gravitational waves might just sound like a bunch of words — but seeing it in augmented reality shows students just how gravitational waves are created, and allows you to interact with them.


Every augmented reality experience in the Space in Action series was carefully planned to improve students’ comprehension of the material. Our developers even used NASA data and algorithms to accurately portray planets, orbits, and vehicles.

How can I use Lerner AR?

Lerner AR and companion books are perfect for classroom or individual reading. Connect a tablet or smartphone to the classroom projector, and discover the augmented experiences together as a class. Give each student a turn to read the page and then hold the tablet and control the augmented reality interactions.

For students who have 1:1 device policies or access to tablets or smartphones, Lerner AR can be a great way to get kids excited about reading. Not only are they learning, but they’re having fun! Reluctant readers and students disinterested in STEM will especially benefit from our Lerner AR program.

What’s next?

Space in Action is just the first series to use along with the Lerner AR app. You can look forward to new series using the same app in the future! (No new app downloads.) Check out our full listing of Lerner AR-enabled print books each season to see what’s new!

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