Happy Book Birthday: New Series And Nonfiction

by Libby Stille, Publicist

Check out January new releases from Lerner Publishing Group!


Where’s My Stuff? 2nd Edition, written by Samantha Moss and Lesley Martin and illustrated by Michael Wertz

A comprehensive guide to organizing schoolwork, lockers, bedrooms, and schedules. With useful illustrations, easy-to-follow charts, and plenty of humor, this newly updated second edition adds tips on managing digital files and backups, planners, and more.

Praise for Where’s My Stuff? 2nd Edition

“Sensible information well organized and presented.”—Kirkus Reviews

New Series

Graphic Science Biographies series by Jordi Bayarri

Explore the lives of scientists who changed how people see the world. Follow famous figures from their childhoods throughout pivotal moments in their lives, learning about their groundbreaking scientific theories and discoveries as well as their personal stories.

Crayola ® Country Colors series by Mari Schuh

Readers explore the role that colors play in countries around the world with Crayola®! Stunning photos capture everything from the bright colors of landscapes to the colors of traditional celebrations including Holi, Diwali, and Día de Muertos.

Garfield’s ® Guide to Digital Citizenship series, written by Scott Nickel, Pat Craven, Ciera Lovitt, and Jim Davis

Full-color comics featuring Garfield and friends help readers navigate the world of cyber safety. Activities at the end of each story challenge young digital citizens to think critically about staying safe and secure online.

Go Green with Sesame Street ® series

This fun introduction to the basics of caring for our planet arrives just in time for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Each title offers simple ways to care for the earth, with fun asides and commentary from your friends on Sesame Street.

Space in Action (Alternator Books ® ) series

Explore space through interactive augmented reality experiences! Watch a black hole eat a sun, see the moon’s orbit, look around on Mars as if you’re there. With three to five AR experiences per book, this series will thrill space fans with true augmented reality.

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