It’s Raining STEM!

by Jenny Krueger, Publishing Director, School/Library

We at Lerner Publications are excited to announce new STEM titles in our Spring 2020 season.

This season includes Space in Action: Augmented Reality (Alternator Books®). What is augmented reality? Think of it as a pop-up book for your digital device. Readers unlock AR experiences throughout the book by scanning designated photos using our free Lerner AR app. Each book includes 3-5 AR experiences using NASA models. Readers can explore the International Space Station or see a rocket launching right off their book. While a device is not required to read the books, space fans will delight to see planets, space vehicles, black holes, and more come to life with true augmented reality.

On the younger end of the spectrum we have Discover Your Senses in our Bumba Books® brand for K-1 readers. Introduce young readers to the five senses with carefully leveled text, simple diagrams, and supportive photos that combine to explain how our senses work. Critical thinking questions encourage engagement and reflection, while a picture glossary defines key vocabulary.

Readers in grades 1 and 2 will cheer for Sports Coding Concepts, an unplugged exploration of coding for first and second-grade readers. This series takes the fear out of coding with the accessible topic of sports. Readers can write an algorithm to move a soccer ball or use loops to create a winning football play. This series was written by Allyssa Loya, a Texas school librarian who runs a coding club in her school. Simple langauge and a no-tech approach help readers jump into coding with the help of their favorite sports.

In our Searchlight Books™ brand for grades 3-4 we are taking a look at STEM through a unique lens—failure! Why failure? Because trial (and error) is an essential part of innovation. Readers who might struggle with the idea of failure in their own lives can discover in the Celebrating Failure series how essential mistakes are to creating something new. The delightfully failed invention of textured wallpaper, for example, became the Bubble Wrap packaging we know and love today.

Also in Searchlight Books™ is Cutting-Edge STEM, an extension of our best-selling series that looks at the latest and greatest in STEM developments. A timely title on Blockhain and Bitcoin demystifies cryptocurrency, while titles on brain science, medicine, and military tech explore the most up-to-date innovations in those fields.

Stock up on the latest STEM has to offer with these core topics, fun approaches, and kid-friendly designs from Lerner Publications!

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