Librarians We Love – Michelle Osborne

by Lara Neel, Trade Marketing Manager

I saw a piece about the sign language project Michelle Osborne did in the CSLP monthly newsletter, so I asked her if she would share some more details about it here. She very kindly did!

My name is Michelle Osborne and I am a member of the Inclusion section for CSLP, Collaborative Summer Library Program. The team decided we would pursue having 2019-themed ASL instructional videos created. The quality of the video would be like that of Jbrary and the instructions similar to the 2013 ASL videos. There would be two types of videos: 1) Specific to rhymes or songs connected with the theme; 2) General vocabulary related to the 2019 theme, “A Universe of Stories.”

The team reviewed the early literacy portion of the 2019 manual to find any rhymes, songs, and/or keywords that they felt would benefit librarians in their programming for 2019. One of our team members created a Google Doc to gather any ideas for the project. We set a deadline for February 1, 2019 to submit ideas.

The team needed a person to do the sign language videos, so I informed the team that I have a volunteer, Maxine Propst, that tutors sign language at the Gaston County Public Library, Stanley Branch. After speaking with Maxine regarding the project, she was more than willing to do these videos.

The project was fun and exciting, and we hope everyone had a great summer reading!

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