Librarians We Love: Regina Bell

by Lara Neel, Trade Marketing Manager

Regina Bell is a Library Media Specialist at Murch Elementary in Washington DC.

The Lerner who nominated her said:

“Regina values a personal touch in her books, from sports books to biographies. She advocates for what her students love—namely, sports books! She’s also always looking for ways to round out and update her collection.”

Regina shared a little information about a friendly reading competition she works on with Holly Hope, ELL teacher. (In the photo above, Regina is on the left, Holly Hope is on the right.)

“Holly’s sister (a librarian) does this Battle of the Books competition in Oregon – we adapted the competition rules to be more inclusive. I think this is our 9th year doing this!”

Announcements about the competition go out in mid-December.

“Battle of the Books (BOB) is coming to Murch this spring and your 2nd-5th grade is invited to participate!

BOB is a trivia-style competition for 2nd through 5th graders and is designed to motivate students to read high-quality children’s literature.  Battles will begin in early March and the championship battles will take place in May.

Each grade level (2nd-5th grade) has a book list of titles.  Students are encouraged to read as many of the titles on their lists as they can.

How Does the Battle of the Books Work?

– Each classroom is a battle team. Students are not required to participate, but they are considered part of the team.

– In 2018, the theme for BOB was Broadway Musicals. Each team will choose a Broadway show to represent their team (as their team name and/or mascot).

– Each team will design a banner to represent them and to take with them as they march into “battle” against other teams.

– In the battles, students are asked questions about the characters, settings and events in their books.

– Points are awarded for correct answers.

– Each battle consists of 24 questions. (It is not designed as a “buzz-in” situation. Each team is asked 12 questions in turn.)

– Every battle question begins with “In which book..?” Each answer should be the title of the book and the author’s name.

– In a battle, a particular student may answer a maximum of 2 questions for their team (to allow everyone on the team to be able to contribute!)

– In a battle season, each team will have between 6 and 9 battles (depending on the grade level).

– The two teams from each grade level with the most points face off in an end-of-school-year BOB championship. (The top two teams from the combined 4th and 5th grades compete in their BOB championship.)

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Thanks so much for sharing, Regina!

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