Something for Everyone in Alternator Books

By Jenny Krueger, Publishing Director, School/Library

What do JavaScript, aliens, and space robots have in common? They’re all part of our new season in Alternator Books!

This eye-catching brand for kids reading in 4th-5th grade levels pairs core nonfiction content and curriculum with high-interest topics and approaches. The three series in our Fall 2019 season continue with that sure-to-circulate approach.

Mission: Code introduces readers to four coding languages: HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. These accessible books present coding language in clear text that is easy to understand. Each book features hands-on learn-to-code projects accessible online via our Page Plus feature. Author Sheela Preuitt, a software engineer and early childhood literacy advocate, strikes just the right tone to keep readers engaged as they learn the most in-demand coding languages.

The STEM fun continues with Cosmos Chronicles, highly visible narratives that describe the past, present, and future of space exploration. From space stations and scientists to space robots and the exploration of the moon, each accessible layout delivers a fast-paced account of science breakthroughs that helped us understand the cosmos. Sidebars include historical background, fun facts, and quotes from astronauts while the running text is broken into digestible bits that space lovers will devour.

And for those interested in the more in unknown we have Unexplained, a spine-tingling look at unexplained phenomena from UFOs to spontaneous human combustion. This series is perfect for kids that come into the library looking for “the scary books.” While each title has a healthy dose of mystery and intrigue, text is solidly nonfiction and delivers all we know (and don’t know) about ghosts, poltergeist, and other spooky phenomena. These high-interest subjects paired with creepy photos and illustrations will captivate readers.

So, there’s a little something for everyone this season in Alternator Books, from hands-on coding and space science to the spooky and the unexplained.

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  1. Lisa Idzikowski

    I saw several books in this series on the new nonfiction bookshelf yesterday–beautifully done all around!

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