Introducing Zest Books

by Ashley Kuehl, Executive Editor of Trade YA Nonfiction

Have you heard the news? Lerner recently acquired a new YA nonfiction imprint called Zest Books. It includes fascinating (and sometimes wild and weird) books for middle school and high school readers.

Think how-tos on heroism, cooking, and everything related to being LGBTQ+, plus a graphic road-trip memoir and finding truth in a world that’s trying to pull one over on you. (Those last two are separate titles, in case you weren’t sure.)

If TV news says it’s true, it must be true…right? WRONG! This book will explain why (along with loads of other facts about identifying truth and lies), in snarky, hilarious detail.

In this awesome, illustrated take on the road trip memoir, a Malaysian-American immigrant cartoonist and a dog explore Route 66 to discover what “America” truly is.

So many real-life heroes, so many useful guidelines to help you become one. The hero inside you is waiting!

Some of these recipes blew my mind–in the best possible way. A microwaved brownie from hot chocolate mix? Yes, please! Packaged ramen as real food? Just add leftover vegetables and a hard-boiled egg.

So much helpful info here. Identifying your feelings, check. Coming out, check. Approaching a romantic or sexual relationship, check. Dealing with haters, check. Not to mention real-life anecdotes–embarrassing, awkward, and otherwise–from the LGBTQ+ authors’ own lives.

And all of that is just in our launch season! You can also order backlist Zest titles directly from us now! Some of my favorites include Liz Prince’s Tomboy, Death: An Oral History, Sex: An Uncensored Introduction, Alice + Freda Forever, and Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects.
Check out these amazing titles and stay tuned for more from Zest Books!

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