Build Comprehension and Confidence with New Audisee eBooks with Audio

By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

A new season means new Audisee eBooks with Audio titles! I always get excited to work on these, in particular, because they’re a great way to get young readers involved and interested. With professional narration, and word-by-word highlighting, our K-6 collection is just the thing to help emerging readers build confidence and comprehension while reading about animals, food, sports, and more!

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see on digital shelves this Fall.

Bumba Books

With Bumba Books, accessible text, critical thinking questions, eye-catching visuals, and important topics will grab young readers’ attentions and keep it for the length of the book. Synced audio and text highlighting goes at their pace to make sure they understand each word, then sentence, then chapter in its context. They’ll love learning independently about healthy eating, financial basics, and their favorite athletes.

Coding is CATegorical

Everyone knows that coding concepts are more fun, easy, and approachable when taught by cats. Popular and prolific children’s author Brian P. Cleary has figured out how to distill the basics of coding for younger audiences who may not be tech savvy yet, but can start building logic through fun rhymes and cheeky illustrations.

Super Potato

The unusual hero and absurd villains of the popular Super Potato graphic novels bring the print book to life with carefully-leveled narration that brings all of the heroes, villains, and sound effects to life. Kids will be hooked on the first page, eager to know how Super Potato—I mean, Super Max—fares against evildoers. Sentence-by-sentence highlighting lets them follow along with the action, without getting ahead of themselves, so the twists and reveals are even sweeter.

Sports All-Stars

You can never get enough sports biographies. Today’s hottest, winningest athletes worked hard to overcome adversity, physically train, and mental prepare themselves to be on some of the world’s biggest stages. Young readers will delight in hearing how they grew up, improved their skills, and excelled at sports in each of these visually engaging and educational biographies.

Audisee eBooks with Audio are just the thing to get emerging or reluctant readers excited about reading in and out of the classroom. Follow along on a desktop computer during designated reading time, or on a device for mobile reading that’s sure to excite and educate wherever they go.

For a complete list of all available Audisee titles, visit us here. For a FREE 30-Day Trial that includes a selection of our Audisee titles, as well as other digital formats, sign up here.

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