A Colorful Spring with Crayola®

By Jenny Krueger, Publishing Director, School/Library

The snow has finally melted in Minneapolis (after a mid-April blizzard) and it’s starting to feel like spring!

And what a better time than spring to think color—green buds on trees, pink blossoms, and colorful sidewalk chalk! In the spirit of the season, we are announcing new releases in our popular Crayola® brand. This season includes three new exciting series, including one in Spanish.

Crayola Colorful Crafts sources expertly developed crafts from Crayola’s work with educators. Step-by-step photos and instructions guide readers through each project, from fun science crafts like a moon flip book or a rainforest in a box, to outside projects like weather mobiles and nature masks.

Each project includes a QR code linking to more detailed steps and photos to extend the learning and colorful fun—Perfect for makerspaces or crafters working at home.

The active nonfiction continues with a new set of our Let’s Draw With Crayola books, this time with topics like aliens, bugs, kooky characters, and dinosaurs. Readers learn to combine simple shapes to make fun and silly characters like cowgirls, ninjas, and little green men.

Each book includes a scene in the back that gathers all the characters together to inspire in a new scene to inspire aspirational artists.

And finally we have Crayola Colorología ™, Spanish editions of our Crayola Colorology series, a unique look at color in art, nature, science, and culture. High-impact photos invite readers to celebrate all the wonderful ways hues and shades color the world around us, from the colors of Holi celebrations to the science behind how color makes us feel. These expertly translated editions are perfect for art and science classes and for anyone interested in learning more about the wonderful world of color.

So open some windows, dust off the makerspace, and explore colors in crafting, drawing, and more!

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