Taking Learning Off the Page with Science Buddies

By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

Working in the Digital department at Lerner most often means ensuring that all of our frontlist titles are available in digital formats, so readers can access them anywhere, anytime, and on any device. But we also work hard to find ways to innovate within the digital space, to reach every type of learner to bring stories, crafts, and science to life.

Our newest digital feature, Page Plus, launched last Fall, and we expanded it further this Spring, including a partnership with Science Buddies. Read on to see what Page Plus looks like in 30-Minute Makers and Hack Your Backyard.

Science Buddies Projects in Action

At the beginning and end of each book, we encourage you to scan a QR code and visit Science Buddies for even more crafts that we couldn’t fit into the book. More content, more projects, more learning, and more practice means that the lessons stick better with learners of all types and ages. They’re more willing to participate, continue the work at home, and engage other students. Plus, all of them can be done with readily available materials and within 30 minutes, making them perfect for school maker spaces and impromptu lessons.

More Ways to Learn

The Page Plus program was created when we realized that so many of our books were begging to continue off the page, with additional digital content to give more context and educational benefits. Scan QR codes with your preferred device, and take a break from the book to watch a video or view additional step-by-step photos for crafts. Then jump back in to get the full context of what you just did. Being able to interact with the text in this way greatly enhances engagement and understanding, and is especially helpful for visual and auditory learners! Other exciting new additions this season include The Woolly Monkey Mysteries and Colorful Crayola® Crafts.

With new titles being added each season, and a variety of additional content, Page Plus books are sure to keep your students engaged both on and off the page. Check out our whole list of Page Plus titles here, and to learn about all things Digital, visit us here (you can even sign up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL to see these books in action!).

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