Prompts, Notes, and Sketches for Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy

cover sketches

by Lara Neel, Trade Marketing Manager

Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy is a middle grade novel that is scheduled to come out on March 5, 2019. I talked the designer of the cover, Kimberly Morales, into opening her files to share notes and sketches! These are the notes she sent to the artist, Pétur Atli Antonsson, and the sketches he sent back.


Prompt for Cover Sketch 1

Vast, expansive space scene that includes the three main characters. Perhaps a hint of the Minister Queen, Elvidians and/or the Quarantine somehow? Without giving too much away of course. And would be great if we had Dr. Shrew, the hamster, on Ari’s shoulder 🙂


Prompt for Cover Sketch 2

Characters in a destroyed mall scene, with one of the giant/clumsy sea monsters included. I thought it was hilarious that it was specifically pointed out that they can also fly…badly!


Prompt for Cover Sketch 3

Command bridge scene with the characters looking out into space, approaching one of the planets. This one may seem a bit static/contained compared to the other scenes but we are intrigued to see what you can come up with for this 🙂



This is the final cover. I love its fun, movie-poster feel.


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