Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Middle Grade, and YA

new books for November

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Picture books

A Valentine for Frankenstein, written by Leslie Kimmelman and illustrated by Timothy Banks

A Valentine for Frankenstein

With only one head, just two eyes, and no tail, Frankenstein isn’t as good looking as the other monsters at the Valentine’s Day Bash. Worst of all, he’s friendly! Can the other monsters accept him for the monster that he is?

Spread from A Valentine for Frankenstein
Spread from A Valentine for Frankenstein

Praise for A Valentine for Frankenstein

“A brightly colored, action-packed lesson in being yourself.”—Booklist

“Frankenstein models self-assurance and kindness, both of which are much needed.”—Kirkus Reviews

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The Vast Wonder of the World: Biologist Ernest Everett Just, written by Mélina Mangal and illustrated by Luisa Uribe

The Vast Wonder of the World

Scientist Ernest Everett Just’s keen observations of sea creatures revealed new insights about the origins of life. Through stunning illustrations and lyrical prose, this picture book presents the life and accomplishments of this long overlooked African American scientific pioneer.

Spread from The Vast Wonder of the World
Spread from The Vast Wonder of the World

Praise for The Vast Wonder of the World

★”A must-purchase picture book biography of a figure sure to inspire awe and admiration among readers.”—starred, School Library Journal

“A picture book introducing an American scientist who should be more widely known.”—Booklist

“A beautiful palette of sea blues and greens, sand and coral colors surround Just in illustrations that highlight the importance of environment and family.”—Kirkus Reviews

“[A] vivid, inspiring tribute to a noteworthy life.”—Publishers Weekly

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Graphic novels

The Wild Cat: Book 6, written by Brigitte Luciani and illustrated by Eve Tharlet

The Wild Cat

Ginger the fox and her badger siblings are excited to see Sylvester the Wild Cat’s daring show. But when Ginger tries some fancy tricks herself, Sylvester says hurtful things. If Ginger lives with badgers, is she still a real fox?

Spread from The Wild Cat
Spread from The Wild Cat

Praise for The Wild Cat

“Luciani and Tharlet’s lovely graphic offering feels as snug and familiar as a Beatrix Potter tale but adds a modern spin with its emphasis on being true to oneself.”—Kirkus Reviews

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Middle grade

Lessons from Underground by Bryan Methods

Lessons from Underground

Young Oliver Diplexito and his family’s valet, Mr. Scant, live a comfortable life, thwarting robberies and getting home in time for tea. But when arch anarchist Aurelian Binns returns, Oliver and his mentor soon feel the heat. This is the third and final installment of the Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant series.

Praise for the Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant series

“Reminiscent of Blue Balliett’s Chasing Vermeer and Laura Marx Fitzgerald’s Under the Egg. . . . [W]ill appeal to sophisticated middle graders.”—School Library Journal

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Girls on the Line by Jennie Liu

Girls on the Line

Luli and Yun, sixteen-year-old orphans and best friends, work together at a factory in a mid-sized Chinese city. When Yun gets pregnant and disappears, Luli sets out to find her—and help her if she can.

Praise for Girls on the Line

★”[E]xplores a moment of contemporary history and a culture that is underrepresented in YA realistic fiction.”—starred, School Library Journal 

“[A] much-needed look at the people who produce the goods we rely on worldwide and the hardships they face. . . . Readers will learn much from this absorbing and realistic tale.”—Booklist

“An affecting and original thrill ride . . .”—Kirkus Reviews

“A powerful view into the struggles faced by young women in a world that doesn’t value them—and where they must find strength within themselves and each other.”—Joanne O’Sullivan, author of Between Two Skies

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