NEW Audisee® eBooks with Audio Coming this Fall

By Kris Tomes, Associate Digital Product Manager

Great news for teachers and librarians trying to reach reluctant and struggling readers! This fall we’re expanding our award-winning Audisee® collection to include 905 eBooks with audio. Audisee eBooks with Audio help readers build key literary skills by pairing voice narration with sentence highlighting, making it easier to engage students with high quality stories.

Check out the new series available as Audisee eBooks with Audio, listed youngest to oldest:


Bumba Books ™ — A First Look at Physical Science

What is the difference between transparent and opaque? How can water take the form of ice and vapor? What keeps the moon in Earth’s orbit? Introduce the concepts of gravity, sound, light, and the states of matter in this beginning reader series.

9781541529618fc   9781541529571fc


Bumba Books ™ — Feelings Matter

Explore feelings with this engaging series. Vibrant photos and simple text introduce the basics of each type of feeling and make connections to readers’ experiences. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions encourage readers to think more about the topic.

9781541529632fc   9781541529656fc


Crayola ® Colorology ™

This charming Crayola® series is a celebration of color in our world! Learn how new colors are discovered, the role color plays in cultures around the world, and what color does in nature and in art.

9781541529731fc   9781541529779fc


Searchlight Books ™ — What’s Cool about Science?

Discover what’s happening at the forefront of scientific research with the titles in this high-interest, curricular series. Clear text, vivid photos, and real-life examples bring these amazing technologies to life!

9781541529939fc   9781541529854fc


Spectacular Sports

Sports fans will cheer for these exciting titles, which capture some of the most thrilling moments in college and professional sports. From buzzer-beater basketball shots to amazing trick football plays, these titles are packed with action stories.

9781541530003fc   9781541529984fc


STEM Trailblazer Bios

Meet some of today’s most accomplished figures in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers. See what drew them to their specialty and learn about their significant contributions in fields such as robotics, gaming, astrophysics, and more!

9781541530102fc   9781541530126fc



Six teenagers develop superpowers on their sixteenth birthdays. Whether they can fly or run at the speed of light, each teen must choose how to use this new power and figure out whom they can trust with the truth.

9781541530249fc   9781541530300fc



What is the universe made of? Cousins Nick and Sophie are taking a tour of the world’s largest machine: the Large Hadron Collider. Together they’ll explore the power of hidden particles, dark matter, and more in this mind-blowing graphic novel!



Audisee eBooks with Audio are easy to use and can be enjoyed online or on a variety of devices. Multi-user access allows simultaneous use by an unlimited number of students in your school or library. And they only require a one-time purchase—no subscription!  Contact our knowledgeable customer service staff at to order.

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