No Longer Overlooked: Dr. Marguerite Rush Lerner in The New York Times

By Lara Neel, Trade Marketing Manager

In 1959, Harry Lerner founded the company that has evolved into Lerner Publishing Group to publish four books written by his sister-in-law, Dr. Marguerite Rush Lerner: Michael Gets the Measles, Peter Gets the Chickenpox, Dear Little Mumps Child (which editor Sara Hoffmann wrote about in this post), and Doctor’s Tools. Later they added titles about penicillin, hands, feet, hair, hearing, and even a book on left-handedness!

Remembering her contributions, Harry wrote, “I teased Marge once saying that in her entire education and career she had never received a grade below A. She corrected me and said she once received a B+ in advanced chemistry in college. Her intelligence was recognized by all.”

Her son, Mike, reports that she clarified the reason for the B+ in Chemistry. She let her husband, Aaron, help her with her homework. As a result, she didn’t study hard enough, so she didn’t get an A.

Halftone image of Marguerite Rush Lerner, M.D. Ca: 1959
Dr. Marguerite Rush Lerner

This week, she was also recognized in a different forum: The New York Times. As the editor wrote in his introduction, “With Overlooked, our new collection of obituaries for women and others who never got them, The Times is acknowledging that many worthy subjects were skipped for generations, for whatever reasons.”

We are very pleased that Marguerite’s achievements, both in publishing and medicine, are being more widely acknowledged.

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