New Series for Young World War II History Buffs

by Ashley Kuehl, Editorial Director of Lerner Publications

I am delighted and proud to announce the latest series in our Alternator Books™ brand. The Heroes of World War II nonfiction series was inspired by requests from librarians who told us that World War II books are so popular, they can’t keep them on the shelves.

6 new titles on Navajo code talkers, Pearl Harbor, and more

Would your students be interested in the Churchill Club, a group of teenagers in Denmark who sabotaged Nazis by stealing weapons and destroying airplane and vehicle parts? Those resistance fighters and many more are covered in World War II Resistance Fighters.

World War II nonfiction series title

Or maybe they’d prefer to read about the Navajo code talkers, a group of Marines who created an unbreakable secret code used in battle in the war’s Pacific Theater.

World War II nonfiction series title

Perhaps you have readers seeking spy stories. Those kids might enjoy learning about Josephine Baker, a world-famous African American singer and dancer who was so well loved that she was able to travel through Europe with secret messages hidden in her clothes and luggage without ever being searched. More on her (and other awesome spies!) in World War II Spies and Secret Agents.

World War II nonfiction series title

Aimed at upper elementary readers, these books focus on the most fascinating heroic anecdotes and key historical background of the Second World War. In addition to the series titles noted above, we offer books on Pearl Harbor, D-day, and the Japanese American internment camps.

STEM Highlight sidebars; Hero Highlight sidebars; timelines; a clean, content-focused design; and maps designed to provide appropriate context round out this incredible World War II nonfiction series. Plus, download a free series teaching guide here.

I hope you and your students love these books as much as I do!

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  1. Kimber

    I don’t doubt that this is a popular topic. I have a personal collection just about one aspect of WWII – the evacuation of children from London to the countryside and to other countries – the majority of them are YA, some middle grade level. They are great books showing bravery, resourcefulness about other children their own ages. Great to see more coming out about WWII.

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