Celebrate National Reading Day 2018 with Lerner Digital

By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

Every January 23rd is dedicated to recognizing the importance of literacy among children. This is a great time to reflect on the benefits of reading and encourage increased reading, especially among beginning readers.

Consider celebrating National Reading Day 2018 with these crowd favorites for young readers, available in print, digital, and enhanced formats for reading anywhere, anytime.

The Crayola® Comparing Sizes Book

Crayola Concepts book for National Reading Day 2018

Big and small, short and tall, and everywhere in between—things can come in all sorts of sizes! What different sizes do you see in your world? What can you create by comparing sizes? Vibrant photos and engaging text present the concept of size with a splash of Crayola color. Encourage readers to create art inspired by the world around them!

See the whole Crayola Concepts series here.

Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes

Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes book for National Reading Day 2018

The very funny Brian P. Cleary takes on the alphabet in this whimsical tour of everyone’s 26 favorite letters. Rhyming, giggle-inspiring verses are illustrated with colorful digital collage artwork by Betsy Snyder. For added fun, every letter is hidden within the artwork—as are several objects starting with each letter!

Smile a Lot!

Smile a Lot! book for National Reading Day 2018

When facing down a bully, a trip to the dentist, or your mom’s prune oatmeal, there’s only one thing you can do—smile a lot! And you’ll pull through! In this appealing offering from best-selling author/illustrator Nancy Carlson, a determined little frog discovers that even when you don’t want to, smiling can make any situation better.

Big Birthday

Big Birthday book for National Reading Day 2018

Annabelle is determined to have a birthday party that stands out from the rest. The moon seems like the perfect spot! But wearing spacesuits and partying in a place with no air create some challenges that Annabelle didn’t expect. Will her out-of-this-world birthday still be a blast?

Dino-Sports Collection

Dino-Sports books for National Reading Day 2018

Sports and dinosaurs collide in these “dino-mite” interactive books designed to give readers a “dino-sized” boost in reading practice, fluency skills, and confidence! Narrated in realistic sports broadcasting style by ESPN’s Clay Matvick, your students will be motivated to read more and more often. Whether cheering for the green Veggiesaurs or the fan-favorite Meat Eaters, the Dino-Sports interactive book series equals serious fun for your students.

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