New for Fall: 5 Nonfiction Series on STEM Topics

by Ashley Kuehl, Editorial Director of Lerner Publications

Do your students love coding, physical science, biographies, or robots? Here’s a quick roundup of the STEM series we published this season. 


Cutting-Edge Robotics, from our new Alternator Books™ brand, explores the most fascinating robotics topics we could come up with, including robots that behave like people, robots that take pictures and deliver information, and robots that gather information in dangerous places.


Learn more about Alternator Books high-interest series for kids in grades 3-6 in this blog post.

Physical science

Key Questions in Physical Science, also part of our Alternator Books brand, takes a scientific investigation approach to the essential concepts of physical science. Modern scientists know how to transfer energy to power our computers and refrigerators, but that wasn’t always the case. Luigi Galvani, for instance, experimented with putting an electric current through a dead frog’s legs before we figured out where this energy came from.


We have four new titles in our high-interest Kids Get Coding series, bringing the total number of titles in that series to eight. See more about coding resources for librarians here.

War and STEM

STEM on the Battlefield covers the high-interest topic of war through a STEM lens. What kinds of cool technology, modern and historical, have soldiers used to fight battles? Other topics include code-breaking and weapons.



STEM Trailblazer Bios take an in-depth look at diverse, fascinating people who work in STEM industries. Did they love the stars in childhood? Were they always tinkering with how things work? Find your favorite STEM all-stars in this series. Learn about their fascinating careers, from childhood to recent accomplishments.

For recent books in the area of life science (animals!) see this post.

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