Zombies and Ghosts and Werewolves, Oh My! Creepy Books for Teens

By Kris Tomes, Digital Production Coordinator

Gather ’round the campfire with friends or hide under a blanket with a flashlight—these creepy books for teens are perfect for reluctant readers who love spine-tingling tales.

For older readers who like getting their socks scared off, Night FallMidnight, and The Atlas of Cursed Places series are sure to deliver.

Night Fall

Strange and awful things are happening in Bridgewater. Horrifying visions of death and destructions, a mysterious stalker, disappearing corpses, werewolves, a doomsday machine—the madness doesn’t end. Readers will be lucky to escape with their sanity.


Weird things keep happening in Middleton. Teens in this town must escape from what feels like nightmares caused by unexpected strangers, dangerous “accidents,” and other spooky events. Twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they wait to see if and how these teens survive.

The Atlas of Cursed Places

A haunted lighthouse. A cursed bog. Places can have more secrets than people. These entertaining titles follow teens at the mercy of a cursed place—until, that is, they find The Atlas of Cursed Places. (Also available as Audisee ebooks with audio.)

For pre-teens: The Nightmare Club

For younger readers who enjoy a mildly spooky experience, join the kids in The Nightmare Club as they regale readers with eight tantalizing tales about zombie siblings, robotic werewolves, and evil twins.

All four series are available in print and digital formats at LernerBooks.comLerner Bookshelf, and major retailers.

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