New Lerner Interactive Books This Fall—On Digital Shelves Now!

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Just in time for the upcoming school year, we’ve added 102 new interactive books to the Lerner Interactive Books™ collection. Beginning readers can chose from more than 600 titles that make reading and learning fun.

All of our interactive books feature vibrant text highlighting and single-word playback, providing the right level of auditory and visual support to help beginning readers quickly gain confidence and independence. Plus, these online books are the only interactive titles that offer three audio speeds that adjust pace to a reader’s ability. Lerner Interactive Books spread

Check out the research in our White Paper to see how Lerner Interactive Books are an evidence-based solution specifically designed for reluctant and struggling readers, as well as a tool for beginning readers.

New interactive titles/series that make excellent school library resources for beginning readers.

Crayola® Seasons and Concepts

As mentioned in a recent post, we have teamed up with Crayola to bring you two new colorful and engaging series designed to teach young readers about their world. Students will enjoy the colors of all four seasons with the Crayola Seasons series. The Crayola Concepts series covers basic concepts like patterns, counting, and shapes. Ten new Crayola titles are available in the interactive format, and they include quizzes, activities, and glossaries not available in other print or digital formats. Learn more about the Crayola series on Lerner’s website.

Crayola Patterns series for beginning readers


Bumba Books—Fun Firsts

Lerner Interactive Book spread

With topics like camping, sleepovers, and airplanes, this new series covers exciting (and sometimes scary) firsts that children experience. Fun Firsts also introduces beginning readers to nonfiction reading skills, and the critical thinking questions help them prepare to handle these firsts and the emotions that come with them.


Bumba Books en Español

Our popular Spanish Bumba titles are now available as interactive books! The following series are available in Spanish: Máquinas en acción (Machines That Go), Diviértete con las estaciones (Season Fun), ¡Hora de deportes! (Sports Time!), and Veo animales marinos (I See Ocean Animals). Ideal for emerging Spanish learners, these books discuss familiar topics. With three available audio speeds, they can also test their reading and listening comprehension skills at their own pace.

Bumba Books en espanol series for beginning readers        Bumba Books en espanol series for beginning readers

Lightning Bolt Books—Our Digital World

This series focuses on the T of STEM: technology. The titles cover the basics of how computers and video games work, plus programming, coding, and computer networks. For slightly older readers, we suggest the Searchlight series on Digital Citizenship, which promotes safe and respectful online interactions.

Cloverleaf Books—Where I Live

Cloverleaf Books Where I Live series for beginning readers

This series is a great way to explain how we are a part of many different communities within our world. Another Cloverleaf series available this season (Space Adventures) takes it one step further and explores other objects and planets in our solar system. These are great lessons in geography and science, presented in digestible portions. The interactive quizzes and activities will have beginning readers thinking about these concepts long after reading the books.Cloverleaf Books Space Adventures series for beginning readers


Titles for Older Readers

Searchlight Books What Do You Know About Maps series for intermediate readers

For older students who want to stick around Earth, Searchlight Books—What Do You Know About Maps? explores the many types of maps students may encounter in their studies, introducing them to geography terms and concepts.

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You can find all our new Interactive titles, as well as our extensive backlist, online at If you’re not sure if Interactive Books are for you, try some out during a FREE 30-day trial. With proven benefits and content that span many interests and reading levels, every student can find something in our Interactive Book library.

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