Happy Day After Earth Day

Well, it seems I’m now two for two in posting about a given holiday the day AFTER it took place. But we should really make Earth Day Every Day, shouldn’t we? That’s certainly what Trina would say!

Who is Trina, you ask? She is one of two spunky kids who star in the Cloverleaf Books Planet Protectors series.


Our other star is Tyler, who loves to ride his bike all over town.


These enthusiastic youngsters learn a lot about different ways to care for the Earth in this series. The books have engaging storylines and lots of humor along with practical tips that children in early elementary school can relate to. At one point, Tyler gets revved up about recycling and wonders if he can recycle his sister too.

Rally page 11

In Look Out for Litter, Trina imagines how pirates might treat litterers.

Litter Page_7

Fortunately for all of us, litterers don’t really get tossed to the sharks! But all the same, these books are a good reminder of we can all do to help the Earth—on Earth Day and every day.

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