Interview with Elaine Landau, Author of My Favorite Horses

9780761365341fc Following up on last Friday’s post about My Favorite Horses (cover pictured, left), I interviewed the series’ author, Elaine Landau, about her experience in working on the books. Here’s the interview!

What was your favorite part about working on My Favorite Horses?
I really loved working on this series, so it’s hard to pick just one favorite part. But if I have to choose, I’d say my favorite part was working on the sections about horse history. Learning how the various breeds got their start was fascinating, and it was fun to see the different roles these horses played throughout history. I loved sharing what I learned with young readers!

Were you horse crazy as a kid?
I was definitely a horse-crazy kid, and I know that I had lots of company in this area. As a child, my family lived within walking distance of a stable. My parents were good friends with the owners, and my sister and I were allowed to visit and ride the horses often. On those days, we felt like the luckiest kids in the world!

Do you have a favorite breed after researching so many for My Favorite Horses?
I must admit that as I worked on the different books, I fell hopelessly in love with all these fabulous animals. However, I think my favorite horse is the Morgan horse. Besides being beautiful, this horse played an important role in our nation’s history and growth. When the early settlers headed West, the Morgan horse was often used in wagon trains. Morgan horses also carried miners West during the 1848 Gold Rush.

What advice would you give to a horse-crazy kid who can’t get a horse of his or her own?
The best advice I can offer a young horse lover is to not give up on your passion for horses. Know that you’re not alone. In most families, it’s easier to get a hamster than a horse. Though beautiful and lots of fun, horses are costly and need a great deal of care. If possible, try to take riding lessons and ride as often as you can. Also, read up on horses and check out the many horse flicks available. Try to learn more about horses from people who own them as well. Horses are terrific. It’s easy to be drawn to these amazing animals.

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    I also am enamored with the Morgan horse. There is a bit of a mystery behind this breed, how it developed genetically. We visited the Morgan Horse breeding stable at the University of Vermont one year. I love the compact muscular shape of these horses.

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