Think Spring with Disney Learning

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By Jenny Krueger, Publishing Director, School/Library

It certainly doesn’t feel like spring in Minneapolis, but we’re excited to announce the release of our Spring 2019 titles in our partnership with Disney Learning! We continue to work with Disney Learning to bring education and literacy together with their beloved characters and storylines. This season we have two new series, Disney Great Character Guides and My Top 10 Disney, and two new single titles, My First 1,000 Words and Let It Grow.

Disney Great Character Guides bring a unique approach to core social emotional topics such as teamwork, grit, and perseverance. Each book explores the skills and positive character traits of favorite characters such as Elsa from Frozen and Lightning McQueen from Cars. Friendly text and a character callout feature encourage readers to reflect on ways they have demonstrated social and emotional skills. Nonfiction sidebars and real-life career connections add core nonfiction content.

My Top 10 Disney presents fun lists for Disney superfans such as the Top 10 Musical Moments in Frozen, the Top 10 Jaw-dropping Moments in Coco, and Elastigirl’s Top 10 Incredible Moments. One of the most challenging and rewarding parts of this series was working with Disney to get as-yet unreleased Incredibles 2 content in our book to be released alongside the movie. In addition to nonfiction Did You Know? fact boxes, my favorite features from this series are a quiz break in the middle (just for fun) and a reproducible template in the back for readers to make their own top 10 lists.

And it’s not just series leading the list this season—we have two great new single titles to add to your collection. My First 1,000 Words introduces key vocabulary on topics ranging from animals to music to holidays, all with the help of favorite Disney characters and settings.

And last but not least, we have Let It Grow: A Frozen Guide to Gardening. This title invites readers to be inspired by characters and themes from Frozen and take on engaging activities such as sprouting a bean plant and growing a grassy troll! As I write this, it is a balmy 7 degrees in Minneapolis. I can’t think of a better way to look forward to spring than reading a Frozen-themed guide to gardening!

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