It’s Outta Here! The Might and Majesty of the Home Run Chat with Author Matt Doeden

By Jon Fishman, Executive Editor, Lerner Sports

From baby animals and blooming flowers to rainstorms and galoshes, signs of spring have finally arrived after a typically long Minnesota winter. For many sports fans, spring also signals the start of Major League Baseball (MLB). 

For me, spring was more special than usual this year because MLB’s Opening Day coincided with the appearance on bookstore shelves of award-winning sports author Matt Doeden’s It’s Outta Here! The Might and Majesty of the Home Run. The action-packed text covers every aspect of baseball’s biggest hits, from the longest and strangest home runs to the physics of hitting the ball out of the park. 

With baseball on my mind, I asked Doeden a few questions about the book and what he thinks about the current state of MLB.

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Introducing Alternator Books, a New High-Interest Nonfiction Brand for Grades 3-6

Alternator Books high interest nonfiction brand

By Lerner Publications Editorial Director Ashley Kuehl

Have you seen our new upper elementary brand? It’s called Alternator Books, we just launched it this month, and it is super cool. Fascinating information merges with cool design and gripping imagery to create excellent high-interest nonfiction books that will fly off the shelves. Well, fly into young readers’ hands and backpacks, in case you thought I meant that the books literally had flight capabilities. They don’t. But they are still awesome. Read More