Be a Bridge: An Interview with Authors Irene Latham and Charles Waters

Inclusivity, respect, and connection: these are the keys to a positive environment and healthy relationships. The brand new picture book Be a Bridge uses upbeat rhyming verse and colorful illustrations of a diverse group of students to help bring young readers together.

Acclaimed authors Irene Latham and Charles Waters use this book to bring key themes from their earlier collaborations (Can I Touch Your Hair? and Dictionary for a Better World) to a young audience. Today they join us on the Lerner blog to reveal their inspiration and experiences working together. Read on to find out more!

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Rumble and Roar: Author Sue Fliess Reveals Her Writing Journey

Sound is all around! Rumble and Roar: Sound Around the World takes you on a journey through four parts of the world to hear the roar of a waterfall, the chirp of insects, the thump of a heartbeat, and much more. Rhyming text by Sue Fliess and atmospheric illustrations by Khoa Le will delight and enchant young readers with every reading.

Today, author Sue Fliess describes the beginnings, the challenges, and the delights of writing Rumble and Roar.

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We Belong: An Interview with Author Laura Purdie Salas

Explore and celebrate who you are and who others are too! The new picture book We Belong by Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Carlos Vélez Aquilera invites others to notice the diversity of our world and affirm that we all belong, just as we are.

Read today’s post to find out how Laura Purdie Salas began writing the book, the challenges of this project, and how to help others feel like they belong.

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Freshly Picked Poetry for National Poetry Month

As publishers, we know how easy it is to get lost in the sea of narrative fiction, informational nonfiction, and engaging novels. We often neglect to take the time to sit down and enjoy some of the finer forms of literature. However, April is National Poetry Month and we intend to give you the choice to do just that, with a well-rounded, highly diverse list of poetry and poetry-related titles. From old classics to new hits, you can find a poem for every age in this carefully handpicked collection!

Find all of these poetry titles and more at

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Hair Story: An Interview with NoNieqa Ramos

The new celebratory picture book, Hair Story, follows Preciosa and Rudine as they play hair salon and take inspiration from their moms, their neighbors, their ancestors, and cultural icons. They soon discover that their hair holds roots of the past and threads of the future. With rhythmic, rhyming verse and vibrant collage art, author NoNieqa Ramos and illustrator Keisha Morris taken an intersectional look at natural hair.

Read on to hear author NoNieqa Ramos describe her inspiration for the story, the significance of the characters’ names, and more. Download a free teaching guide for Hair Story at the end!

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