Learn about Your Incredible Brain in the New Mind Games Series

Mind Games series

By Lerner Publications Editorial Director Ashley Kuehl

I’m super excited about our new Mind Games series, which covers high-interest topics from astrological signs to dreams. It’s packed with fun facts, quizzes, personality tests, and more!

I’ve highlighted a few of the titles below, and you can find out what your learning style is by taking the quiz at the end of this post. Read More

STEM on Parade: 5 New Teen Nonfiction Books

By Twenty-First Century Books Editorial Director Domenica DiPiazza

As TFCB’s editorial director, I love seeing each new season’s books on parade, and Fall 2017 is no exception. This season, the imprint has a fantastic lineup of STEM teen nonfiction books. STEM integration is a vital part of K-12 education, and helping students discern fact from fiction is more important than ever. These are definitely books to add to your collection. Read More

Introducing Alternator Books, a New High-Interest Nonfiction Brand for Grades 3-6

Alternator Books high interest nonfiction logo

By Lerner Publications Editorial Director Ashley Kuehl

Have you seen our new upper elementary brand? It’s called Alternator Books, we just launched it this month, and it is super cool. Fascinating information merges with cool design and gripping imagery to create excellent high-interest nonfiction books that will fly off the shelves. Well, fly into young readers’ hands and backpacks, in case you thought I meant that the books literally had flight capabilities. They don’t. But they are still awesome. Read More

So You Want to Be an Editor? A New Editor’s Tips and Tricks for Breaking into the Publishing Industry

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself (because let’s be honest, you’ve never heard of me). My name is Kayla Hechsel and I am the newest editor to join the Lerner Publishing Group editorial team.

I’m not new to Lerner or the publishing industry though. I was working as our Editorial Assistant for a year and half before being promoted to Assistant Editor. Working as an editor—primarily on picture books—has been, quite literally, a dream come true.

But it’s no secret that the publishing industry is notoriously difficult to break into.

For any hopeful editors out there, here are my tips and tricks for getting yourself into the publishing industry and working your way up to your dream job. Read More