Help Teens Go Beyond the Headlines With New Nonfiction on the Opioid Crisis

teen nonfiction on the opioid crisis

By Twenty-First Century Books Editorial Director Domenica Di Piazza

“It’s hard to watch someone you love fall so deeply under the spell of a substance that turns him or her into a stranger. Someone you don’t even want to know.”

Best-selling YA novelist Ellen Hopkins says this about her own experience with her meth-addicted daughter. The sentiment is echoed by thousands of American families facing addiction and overdose in their lives every day. Read More

A Ballet Teacher’s Advice for Authors and Illustrators

Ballet advice for authors and illustrators

By Carol Hinz, Editorial Director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books

I’ve loved ballet since I was a child, and I still enjoy taking a ballet class whenever I can. My teacher, Lisa Erickson at Zenon Dance, is fantastic, and her tips for becoming a better dancer apply to far more than just ballet class. With her permission, I’m happy to share some of my favorite advice for authors and illustrators from her. Read More

YA Novels that Challenge Assumptions

YA thrillers that challenge assumptions and Truthers

By Editor Amy Fitzgerald

In November of 2015, I checked in with my then-boss, Alix Reid, about her backlog of manuscript submissions. (As a newbie trade editor, I was still dreaming of the day when I, too, would have more manuscripts in my inbox than I could hope to review in a timely manner.) Alix asked me to look at a few submissions that had come her way. “There’s this psychological YA thriller about 9/11 called Truthers . . .” she offered.

I said, “Uhhhhhh . . . huhhhhh.”

“Good title, at least,” she said. Read More