Some of Our Most Talked-About Titles in 2018: Part 1

Talked About Books 2018

Greg Hunter, the Associate Editorial Director for Graphic Universe, and Amy Fitzgerald, the Associate Editorial Director for Carolrhoda Novels, have stopped by the blog to share a few notes about some of their most talked-about titles for this year. So, without further ado, here they are! Read More

The Three Stages of Editing a Novel

questions and editing

By Amy Fitzgerald, Associate Editorial Director, Carolrhoda Novels

There’s no one right way to edit a book, but when I tackle a middle-grade or YA novel, I usually divide my editorial process into three stages. Each stage calls for a different skillset, a different way of looking at the story. Here are some of the questions I ask myself at each stage. Read More

3 Key Components of Middle-Grade Novels

By Amy Fitzgerald, Senior Editor

I’ve been in a flurry of middle-grade manuscript acquisitions lately, which means I’ve been reading a lot of middle-grade submissions and buying some of my favorites. You’ll see them hitting shelves in a year or two, after the Carolrhoda book-making process has worked its magic.

Maybe you’re wondering how I decide which manuscripts I want to buy and publish. The answer is always shifting to some extent, but here are some constants that draw me to a story. Read More

“Like Getting Punched in the Face”: Discovering Debut YA The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary

YA thrillers that challenge assumptions and Truthers

By Amy Fitzgerald, Senior Editor

In early March of 2017, my boss sent me a YA novel manuscript to read. She had been kind enough to share a lot of her incoming submissions with me as I worked on building up my own contacts with literary agents, so there wasn’t anything unusual about this forwarded email. I flagged it (confession: I flag everything as “to be completed today” because I can’t function without manufactured guilt) and a few days later, when I had some down time, I opened the manuscript. Read More