Listening Is Reading: The Power of Audiobooks

By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

When I was growing up, my mom used to commute a lot as a consultant for schools around our state. At some point, one of her friends introduced her to the Outlander series. Read More

Tune In to New Lerner Audiobooks

Lerner audiobooks

By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

We’re excited to unveil new Lerner audiobooks for you this year. 165 new titles can now be enjoyed in print, digital, and enhanced formats, to appeal to every kind of reader, skill level, and interest. The most portable of its kind, the audiobook can provide education and entertainment wherever you go, and encourage young readers to fill their free time with the written (or spoken) word.

Read on for a few new Lerner audiobooks, which you can find at audiobook retailers today! Read More

Looking for Literacy Resources for Parents?

Many parents are concerned about setbacks in early literacy during the last two years of interrupted schooling. We’ve partnered with LightSail Education to provide all of our digital content – eBooks, audiobooks, eBooks with audio, and Lerner Interactive Books – through their Reading at Home platform. Read on to find out more about this tool that families can use to improve their child’s reading level in three months or less!

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