Open Call for YA Literary Horror Submissions


What’s most frightening: The play of unfamiliar shadows in a once-familiar place? The sight of a distorted face, remorseless, teeth bared? The unreliability of the human mind itself?
Different scares resonate with different people, of course. But if you were prepared to answer, ‘Honestly, none of these are more frightening than the threat in my YA manuscript,’ then please read further.
Carolrhoda Lab is looking for carefully crafted works of prose horror for young adult readers. An ideal submission might resemble a YA echo of Brian Evenson’s grim surrealism, an Angela Carter-esque exploration of the scary side of a classic tale, a story with the terrifying topicality of Get Out, or a work in the tradition of Suspiria’s sublime creepiness.
Please send all submissions to carolrhodasubmissions [at] lernerbooks [dot] com. Pitches from the general public welcome. Complete manuscripts only. Although horror thrives on the unknown, please include complete contact information and a one-page synopsis of your novel.
I cannot guarantee a reply to every submission. This open call begins today, March 22, and will last until the end of April.
Greg Hunter – Carolrhoda Lab