Books and a Snack

It seems only fitting that the February edition of Books and a Snack is all about Valentine’s Day! To get in on the fun, just gather a group of kids, some fun Valentine’s-themed books—might I recommend our super-cute books about a girl named Ruby Valentine, pictured below?—and the following ingredients to make the easy Holiday Party Snack Mix featured in our book Plan a Holiday Party (one of the most fun books I’ve ever edited, incidentally). Then, stir the snack-mix ingredients together in a bowl and let the kiddos munch away as you read the books aloud to them—and have the kids save some snack mix for you!

Holiday Party Snack Mix Ingredients:

  • mini pretzels or peanuts
  • colored candy (think red, white, and pink)
  • whatever other fun ingredients you want (ideas: bagel chips, Bugles, raisins, chocolate chips…the only limit is your imagination!)

Ruby Valentine books (seriously, are they not the cutest ever?)



Happy Valentine’s Day!