A Valentine from Bumba Books

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes a fun offering from Bumba Books—It’s Valentine’s Day! (cover pictured). This book is like a sweet little Valentine for preK–2 readers. It talks about how people celebrate the day—cards, flowers, chocolates!—and the colors and symbols associated with Valentine’s celebrations. Critical-thinking sidebars sprinkled in among the main text ask readers to think about what they would write on their own Valentine cards and what gifts people might give to honor loved ones on special days.

My favorite thing about It’s Valentine’s Day! are the images of families celebrating love and togetherness. 

Two kiddos give their mom handmade Valentine’s Day cards:


A little boy cuts out paper heart chains with his grandma:

A mom beams as her son presents her with a bouquet:


Nothing in this world is better than love, and we can never have enough. Here’s hoping all of you feel the love of family and friends as we approach Valentine’s Day 2017.