Winter Wonder

9781512414103fc_LargeWinter is a magical season. Snowflakes sparkle under moonlight on early evenings, inviting us to admire their shimmer. Bare tree branches against winter skies form quiet backdrops, offering up a bit of peace on even the busiest of days. Winter ushers in so many fun activities too: ice skating, sledding, making snowmen, sipping cocoa, settling in by a fire with a wonderful book. It seems only fitting that Lerner’s Bumba Books line would celebrate winter, through its appealing, kid-friendly offering called Winter Is Fun! (cover pictured).

Winter Is Fun! takes readers on a tour of everything great that winter brings. We learn about icicles, evergreens, winter holidays, seasonal activities, and more. The fabulous pictures bring winter joy to life, from shots of kids building a snowman with a smile made of colored candies to a sunset illuminating pines covered with frost.

As kids read about winter, they’ll be introduced to nonfiction features too. A table of contents, diagram, picture glossary, index, and Read More section are part of every Bumba book.

I hope you enjoy this winter’s pleasures—and perhaps read about them in Winter Is Fun! After all, with all the wonders that it holds, winter truly is a season to savor.