Who Was Here? Discovering Wild Animal Tracks

Special thanks to digital intern McKenna Balzer for the following post!

Have you ever noticed animal tracks outside and wondered Who Was Here?

In Minnesota, we pride ourselves on being very engaged with nature and the “great outdoors.” We love to go camping, hiking, biking, and exploring and learn so much about the world and the animals that live around us when we do. But, sometimes, when the temperature is in the double negatives and an avalanche of snow is falling from the sky, the outdoors doesn’t sound quite as good as a great book about wild animals, some hot cocoa and a warm fireplace!

Lerner Digital’s eBook, “Who Was Here? Discovering Wild Animal Tracks” by Mia Posada, presents
readers with engaging text that calls for the answer to what tracks belong to which animal. Posada writes in beautiful, rhyming sentences that make the book even more exciting to read. The realistic and extremely detailed illustrations are completely mesmerizing and only add to the wealth of knowledge that can be learned in this book. Do you have what it takes to correctly answer who was here?
The huge furry paws of an animal sank into the soft mud of the riverbank.

Leaving deep footprints, with dagger-sharp claws, the beast lumbered on, a fish snared in its jaws.”

Can you guess who was here?

Read Mia Posada’s eBook “Who Was Here?” to find out if you were right!