Hands-On Fun

Today’s blog post comes to you from product planning director Jenny Krueger.

With the Maker Movement and the popularity of STEAM, hands-on projects are an increasingly popular part of elementary education. Nonfiction standards including procedural texts, an emphasis on curiosity, and interest in integrating art into STEM all drive a need for simple, fun resources that require readers to roll up their sleeves. Coming in Spring 2017, Lerner has some fun resources that will turn readers into makers, all while conveying key STEM and art curriculum.

Little Kitchen of Horrors: This fun series offers hideously delicious recipes such as Zombie-Gut Chili and Cat Litter Cake. Each recipe includes clear, step-by-step instructions. Readers are encouraged to put their own spin on the horror with food styling and presentation ideas. Fearsome fun!
Create with Duct Tape: The classic tape, now available in an endless array of patterns and colors, comes alive in these funky projects for fashionistas, campers, and everyone in between. Clear instructions and detailed photos illustrate projects such as a duct tape top hat and a dinosaur costume.
Mini Makers: The Maker Movement meets the miniature craze in Mini Makers, a unique series offering tiny crafts and science projects. From a mini ecosystem to a tiny tea set, these pint-sized projects offer readers endless opportunity to customize and express themselves in miniature!

Check out these new Maker resources for curious, crafty kids. We hope you have as much fun reading them as we had making them!