So Thankful

You guys, I seriously can’t believe that


….Or it will be in one week from today. My work as an editor keeps me so busy, and time flies by so fast, that I think it’s really important to stop and take stock of things sometimes or life will sail right past. Today I’m pausing to think about what I’m thankful for here at work. There are so many things that it was hard to narrow it downwhich in itself is something to be thankful for! Here’s a partial list.

  • The wonderful authors I work with. The relationship between author and editor is a creative partnership. It’s a really special thing to get to shape a book with someone, and I’m lucky I get to participate in this process nearly every single day.
  • The chance to touch readers’ lives. This is the main reason I became an editor. Putting books into the world that may spark a new interest in a young child, or turn him or her into a lifelong reader, is a privilege like none other.  
  • The things I learn. As a nonfiction editor, I deal in facts—an amazing number of them! In this job I’ve learned about everything from early 1900s presidential history to what parts a big rig has, and I’m continually astounded by how much there is to learn.
  • My talented and creative colleagues. Editors get to work with designers, artists, writers, production specialists, and so many others that I could never list them all. Each of these people is essential to getting a published book into your hands. They all bring such insight and passion to their jobs, and seeing them at work inspires me.
  • Last but definitely not least, all of you. That’s right, you. If you are reading this right now, then I mean YOU! It’s a joy to share a bit about our books and what we do here on the blog, and I envision you guys—the readers—with every single post I write. Thank you so very much for reading, I hope that you enjoy what you read here, and I wish you each a very Happy Thanksgiving.