Vicki Oransky Wittenstein Talks about "Reproductive Rights: Who Decides?" (TFCB, S16)

Check out Vicki Oransky Wittenstein‘s new short video about her latest TFCB YA nonfiction title, Reproductive Rights: Who Decides? For the book. Vicki has done wonderful, in-depth research; interviewed a number of experts and key players; and maintained a perfect objective tone in this overview of reproductive rights through the centuries. The book is a must-have for libraries that aim to provide a solid, information resource on the topic for report writing, for pro/con debates, and for better understanding key arguments in the contemporary discussion of reproductive issues. Vicki’s video is an incisive window into what drove her to write the book for TFCB, and the book has been so well received. Reproductive Rights is a JLG selection, described in the Booklist starred review as “an impressive resource” that leaves “no stone unturned.”