When Your LMS Is Down, Find Us Direct!

Learning Management Systems are a wonderful thing, especially in education. The ability to centralize resources, update content, and easily disseminate information is invaluable. Students have more opportunity to collaborate and interact. Lessons can be built to flex to individual learning style and pace while maintaining consistent access and delivery. Built-in tools can be utilized to track and report performance with agility and ease. These systems connect all of the digital tools students and educators need to use in one place, and that’s awesome…until that one place crashes!
Like with any technology, an LMS can and will fail from time to time. It may be anything from a brief scheduled maintenance to a server outage at the LMS provider, but there will likely be a period of time where you find yourself unable to access your school’s LMS. We’ve been hearing about problems this causes with increasing frequency. Perhaps the most notable in recent months was at UC Davis where a week long outage impacted the end of the school year and pending final exams.

At Lerner Digital, we have worked to integrate our products into the management systems utilized by schools. Our online platform is certified to meet the LTI specifications set forth by IMS Global, the international consortium that sets the standard for open architecture in education.

However, should you find yourself unable to utilize your LMS to access Lerner Digital, don’t fear! We are always available to you directly at http://ebooks.lernerbooks.com or through our iPad and Chromebook apps.

First time accessing our site or apps outside of your LMS and need some assistance with your user name, password, or setting up student accounts? Contact us at 1-800-328-4929. We’re happy to help!